Online Review Portal

Communities create a trusted space for members to share information. Today’s buyer is accustomed to consulting reviews before making personal buying decisions. An independent analysis of communities reveals that approximately 20% of discussion posts are requests for reviews and recommendations on workplace products and services. With a B2B review site, you can create a trusted venue for your members to rate and review the vendors that they use at work, and present this data in a way that is familiar and informative for today’s buyer.

Your review site can integrate with your iMIS engagement management system, sharing login authentication and profile information. Partner with the vendors being reviewed to earn advertising and sponsorship revenue, allowing them to boost their views in the site.

Reviews benefit both your members and your organization because they:

    Provide relevant information to members in a trusted space

    Provide new ways for members to engage with each other

    Earn additional revenue working with the organizations being reviewed

“Purchasing professionals turns to their fellow association members for recommendations and reviews when making B2B buying decision. As millennials gain more purchasing power at work, the expectation to read online reviews on the buying decisions they make for their employees, will only increase ”
- The Review Society