Gateway Reconciler


One of the biggest time zappers at any non-profit organization is the process of reconciling transactions from the payment gateway to iMIS. Your staff can spend hours manually matching up batch reports to payments received, searching for discrepancies and trying to get everything to balance. When a member calls with a question on a payment, the only option is to write down the information, go through the transactions and eventually, call the member back with an answer. In this world of instant information, that doesn’t inspire confidence.​

Gateway Reconciler enables you to easily reconcile PayFlowPro, PayPal Express and gateways with the information in iMIS. This tool automatically reconciles batch transactions, then emails you the results, a report, and a list of non-reconciled or declined transactions for follow-up. You can group transactions by credit card type, date, or other parameter, and schedule hourly, daily, or weekly reconciliations—whatever makes the most sense for you.

If a member or donor calls with a question, your staff simply searches by transaction number, date, or amount—just as easily as they’d look for a check number in their online banking accounts.  Not only does your staff provide the caller the information he or she needs quickly, but, because they get the information from a secure portal, not your accounting database, you increase security around proprietary financial data for improved PCI compliance.

In addition to day-to-day transaction management, enSYNC’s Gateway Reconciler is ideal for managing conference payments or learning management system tracking, as well.

“This is an essential tool for anyone who reconciles hundreds of transactions on a daily basis. Accounting for discrepancies manually is the equivalent of searching for a needle in a haystack, the process is tedious and time-consuming. However, the reconciler will display any missing transactions for you with one click of the mouse, allowing you to resolve the issue in a few minutes.”
Mitch Glenn, Asphalt Green