Our Story

A lot has changed since enSYNC was founded in 1996. At the time, non-profits and associations were struggling to make the transition from manual, paper-based environments to back-office management systems—without bringing their organizations to a standstill. Originally, our company solved this problem: selling, implementing and training association staff members on their new iMIS solution, to make sure our clients got the most out of this solution—with the least amount of pain. That’s what the industry needed at the time.

enSYNC evolved as a company, moving from our traditional role as technology provider to that of a strategic partner. Today, we are consultants, assessing our clients’ current technology requirements, processes, and personnel structure and identifying the changes needed to achieve their organization’s goals. We are also product developers, with a team of engineers creating products that don’t compete with existing software, but enhance the products on the market today.

Most importantly, we are enablers, bridging the gap between strategy and operational capability for our clients. Our passion is the non-profit and association industry; our mission is helping these organizations succeed.  




Cloud and mobility have changed everything, moving technology from the shadows of the back office into the spotlight. Tablets and smartphones, texts and web conferences have changed how organizations conduct business. A mass of software, applications, and innovations have emerged—bringing new options while increasing complexity. “Which combination of technology really adds value? How do we re-engineer our processes to be more efficient?  How can I prevent making a $100,000 mistake?” Those are the questions that keep association and non-profit leadership awake at night. We can help.