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Association Management System
iMIS is the #1 enterprise level AMS in the world. And we're iMIS Solution Providers who can help you with new implementations, upgrades, staff training, or special software development. We are, in fact, iMIS Ninjas:  prepared, agile, fast, flexible, strong, savvy.

Payment Processing

Auto Draft/ Online Auto Draft
Build a perpetual membership model with this tool that allows you to set up recurring payments or allows members to pay their dues in installments.

BluePay Gateway 
enSYNC partners with BluePay to bring you an integrated credit card payment processing solution, something that connects direct to your AMS. You can expect lower credit card fees and a hassle-free online interface. Let's start with a free analysis.

Gateway Reconciler 
Find mismatched transactions between your gateway provider and iMIS batches instantly. No more searching for problem transactions till your eyes get blurry.

Hosted Payment Form
Make your eCommerce experience secure and hassle-free for your members. Fully PCI-compliant system hosted on BluePay's servers.

Make refunds out of iMIS even when the card is not present. Fully PCI-compliant, RefundXpress works with the BluePay gateway and is your easiest tool for refund management. 


Partnership Products
Online reviews affect virtually all buying decisions. Provide unexpected new value to members and empower them to make smarter workplace purchases with your own review portal. 

Clowder by Pinxter Digital

This collaboration app for associations brings users together in one centralized, mobile hub for year-round connectivity and improved communication. Clowder™ apps are native and fully customized with individual branding and the freedom to select the features most important to each network. 

Dynamics 365  
Out with the old, in with the new. Update and upgrade your accounting systems through Microsoft product, Dynamics 365, which offers a seamless integration and various packages to fit your budget - small or large.  

Higher Logic 
Enhance the experience for your members with online community and marketing automation - two powerful solutions that have a record of increasing engagement. 

NextThought powered by enSYNC

Providing education to your members has never been easier. For organizations with certification programs, online continuing education offerings, and training courses, the seamless integration of enSYNC's AMS and NextThought's LMS allows you to do just that in a simple, easy-to use platform. 

An all-in-one software platform that lets your organization collect and review any type of application and provide for online review. 
Not using Artificial Intelligence? You should be. Send industry-relevant news to your members by using an intuitive tool that sends each individual member news that is relevant to their preferences.

Bridges, Utilities, and iParts
Bridges are programs that allow you to share data between two disconnected systems. Bridging through an API allows you to track data and engagement for your members.
Guest Badge iPart 
Easily create guest badges without the hassle of creating full database records.

Hotel PassKey
Track member participation in hotel pick-ups for your conference. Allows you to engage with them for communications on future events and hotel venues and generate reports on hotel pickups out of your iMIS system.

enSYNC has developed a tool that brings data back into iMIS from the VoterVoice advocacy tool. This allows you to track who has participated in your advocacy efforts, assign engagement points, and measure their participation against other key metrics in your database.


Our Partner Products

We represent, implement, and help service products from these fine partners.