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Demystifying Online Payment Processing

If you are like me, so many of the processes, features, and functionality of the internet seem much like wizardry. I don’t know how they happen, but I know that, most of the time,..

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It's Time! Don't Put Off Texting Any Longer

Have you been thinking about texting to your members? You really should because:

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Why Custom is Cuckoo

enSYNC has been in the business of software service and development for 20 years. In that time, association management systems have evolved from clunky LAN-based software with DOS..

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Print and Post: A Guide to Social Media Image Sizes [Updated for 2021]

Many of us use Canva.com or Adobe Spark to create graphics and images for our social media accounts. Their easy-to-use interfaces have revolutionized the digital marketer's world..

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Survey Provides Details on Perpetual Payment Plans

This spring, enSYNC Corporation embarked on a study to find out how associations and nonprofits were using recurring dues and installment plans to collect dues and donations from..

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Hot Commodity: Perpetual Memberships Gone Wild!

We talk a lot about the for-profit model of perpetual memberships. Time to take a look at some of those and see if there are other lessons we can glean.

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AARC Customer Service

AARC Estimates $100,000 Savings

Raise your hand if you are someone who believes that consultants bring a lot of hot air and not a lot of cold cash back your way for the trouble. We sometimes have the perception..

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Are You Marketing Like It’s 1999?

Perhaps nothing has changed as much in recent years as the marketing communications functions in our associations. Yet most of us in the nonprofit world have been slower on the..

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6 Signs Your Organization Could Use a Check-Up

The busyness of work sometimes gets in the way of doing our jobs. We simply get going on a track and when we step off we see that we were only going in circles.

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