enSYNC Blog: membership engagement (2)

Collect Member Dues Through Mobile

The headache of most associations - dues collection. Despite deploying reminder email after reminder email, members aren’t in a rush to login to a website and submit payment. Why?..

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It's Time! Don't Put Off Texting Any Longer

Have you been thinking about texting to your members? You really should because:

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Survey Provides Details on Perpetual Payment Plans

This spring, enSYNC Corporation embarked on a study to find out how associations and nonprofits were using recurring dues and installment plans to collect dues and donations from..

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Hot Commodity: Perpetual Memberships Gone Wild!

We talk a lot about the for-profit model of perpetual memberships. Time to take a look at some of those and see if there are other lessons we can glean.

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In Pursuit of the Perpetual Member

We invented membership. We own this stuff. We built it and own it and live it. Members are our life.

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