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NonProfit Coaching

At enSYNC, we’ve actually worked in the nonprofit world, so we understand your challenges. Your problem? You want to take your organization to the next level, but you lack the proper tools. 

We offer the nonprofit coaching and consulting solutions you need to grow and prosper, from those to make your staff more efficient to tools to increase membership size and engagement. We’ll address your specific pain points and resolve them.

Our Software Solutions

You might have lots of different software to meet individual department needs, and that’s not very efficient. enSYNC offers an all-in-one solution. And, we utilize our extensive experience with nonprofits to provide you with the consultation services you need to maximize your organization’s efforts, including:


automationSYNC (1)

Free up your staff from repetitive tasks. automationSYNC can be used to send email, and set up tasks for your team to follow a cadence for outbound calls, and even trigger the sending of a  thank-you card.

learningSYNC (2)

learningSYNC gives your membership best-in-class learning opportunities. That means that your members stay engaged, which increases renewals, and happy and satisfied members give you something money can’t buy: Word-of-mouth new member referrals.

dataSYNC (1)

dataSYNC improves organizational performance, boosts staff productivity, matches your operational capabilities with your strategic goals, increases retention and engagement, and gathers better business intelligence.

We understand the complexities of event planning. eventSYNC provides the support you need to produce a successful event while relieving many of the organizational stress and challenges for your staff, attendees, speakers, and sponsors.
Our memberSYNC mobile app brings your members together in one centralized, use-anywhere hub for continuous connectivity and improved communication. It works with iOS and Android, and there are also web-based administration capabilities.
We know your mission is all-important. missionSYNC, powered by iMIS, is a cloud-based system that includes: Member management, member self-service, social engagement, private communities, and mobile access. And, it’s flexible; it includes a Content Management System, RiSE (CMS). It also has the power to manage your entire website.
paymentSYNC (1)
Take payments by credit card or echeck, and process refunds. You’ll save money on credit card processing fees, track transactions in one place, and save time on your end-of-the-month reconciliation. 
It’s an online grassroots advocate system that uses your data to alert supporters to issues, match them to their local and national elected officials, and guide them through the message-sending process.


And If You’re Crowdfunding...

Crowdfunding is a powerful way to merge philanthropy with the web to drive widespread support for your great cause. It inspires monetary contributions in a friendly, upbeat way, and can foster engagement and attract new members.

Your potential crowdfunders are all around you. They’re your current members, alumni, community partners, friends, family, and more. Crowdfunding helps spread your message through social media and web interactivity.

enSYNC’s total software solution can help. Engage your members by offering discounted exciting events or merchandise that blow them away. This leads them to share their experience on social media, further spreading the word.


Get Great Reporting and Analytics

missionSYNC provides valuable information that helps you analyze your organization’s current work and strategize for the future. You can create detailed reports, examine your numbers, and set goals based on what you’ve learned.

Two primary features of missionSYNC provide important data: Dashboards provide real-time information, and reports and analytics give an overview based on your chosen parameters. You can view a wide variety of statistics sorted by members, donors, volunteers, and much more.

mobile app

Our Solutions are Mobile to Go With Your Wherever You Are

enSYNC is there for you on any device, so even if you’re away advocating for your nonprofit or at an event, you can still access your entire system from your smartphone, laptop or tablet, and reach your entire member base at a moment’s notice. Our nonprofit software solutions are always there for you, no matter where you happen to be working.


Our Expert Nonprofit Coaching Consultants

Don’t know exactly where to start? Whether it’s building your membership, creating or updating your website, amping up your marketing, implementation help, fundraising advice, or reaching voters, our top-notch team can help.

Reach Out Today for a Bright New Future

Stop struggling with multiple systems and outdated software. Your staff should be concentrating on the most important thing: your mission.

We’ve got the knowledge and experience you need to guide you through the challenges that arise day-to-day in the world of non-profit organizations, so you can achieve your long-term goals, fulfill your capital campaigns, and focus on making a social impact, instead of focusing on your software.

Fill out this form today and see just what enSYNC’s nonprofit coaching can do for you!