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iMIS Features

 iMIS is packed with features that help your organization thrive. Here’s a look at the built-in features and the benefits they provide.

Use automation features to save time, communicate effectively, and boost productivity. 
contact management
Contact Management

Maintain a detailed database of contact info and use it to drive membership goals.

Crowdfunding & Fundraising
Don't miss out on a modern way to fundraise that your community loves: crowdfunding.
event management
Event Management

Manage even the most complex events with the help of your iMIS events management feature.

email marketing
Marketing Tools
Track your promotional activity and consistently hit marketing goals for your organization.
Membership Communication Tools

Manage and increase membership with the easy, intuitive member management feature.

website content
Website Builder

Manage published content and ensure your website is always up to date— no more stale content! 

Reporting & Analytics

Generate reports with data that informs your decision making and provides strategic direction.

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