Membership Communication Tools

Communication matters.

Communication has become more constant and important than ever before. In today’s world, people can communicate with almost anyone in the world, right from the device in their pocket. That’s why your AMS must provide world-class communication tools for its members.

iMIS offers membership communication tools that keep people collaborating, learning, socializing, and fully engaged with your organization.

  • Self-service portal for easy communication
  • Social features that integrate with Twitter, Facebook and more
  • Reminders and emails for fast updates
  • Crowdfunding feature for fundraising communication
  • Events management features
  • Advertising and marketing features
  • E-commerce capability, so members can act on your messages
  • Permission-based networking
  • Community discussion forums and online communities
  • Chat function that keeps the conversation flowing
  • Training and support from enSYNC

Looking to implement membership communication tools?

We're happy to help.

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