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ipart guest badgeAbout the Guest Badge iPart

The Guest Badge iPart allows you to create guest badges in the iMIS Order Badge table without creating new database records. This means it's a no-hassle way of adding guests to your event.

Guests can be created

check_new  at the event level

check_new  at the function level


Register a Guest and Create a Badge for Anyone

Why is this important? Sometimes you don't need to bother with creating and then maintaining records for a guest in your iMIS database when they're simply attending an event.

The enSYNC Guest Badge iPart allows you to manage this in an easy way.

You'll be able to register a guest and create a badge without creating a full iMIS database record.


We're putting simple back in to the management of guest badges.


includes implementation & one time fee

Get the guest badge iPart for iMIS today.