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AutoDraft Solutions for Organizations

AutoDraft works with iMIS to allow you to set up recurring payments, installment dues, and more. Don't have iMIS but you're still interested in a perpetual membership program? Let's talk about building it for your system.

About our AutoDraft for iMIS Solution

Set Recurring Payments

device_selfservice (1)AutoDraft helps you reduce operating costs, increase revenue and make life more convenient for your donors and members. Using our software, your staff can easily set up recurring monthly, annual or one-time electronic payments through credit card, debit card or bank draft.

Reduce Operating Costs

That means, when you contact your members or donors, you can use that time to build relationships, instead of collecting money.

Your renewals increase because everything happens automatically, so there’s no mailing to send, and no repeat “buying” decision.

How many hours does your staff spend collecting dues and donations? More significantly, how many of those attempts end up as non-renewals? 

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Interested in building a perpetual membership program?

Learn how associations and nonprofits are using new payment models to build membership, donations and satisfaction.

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About Our Online AutoDraft

device_gray_automationOnline AutoDraft takes this efficiency one step further, adding an end-user self-service component. Members or donors can log in, change their address or contact information, and, most importantly, update a soon-to-expire credit card so there’s no payment interruption. 

Integrate with iMIS

Both AutoDraft and Online AutoDraft interface with iMIS, so they automatically update the Activity History with no manual intervention.

Online AutoDraft also integrates with the Fundraising Contributions and Member Dues function in iMIS 20. Or, if you have your own custom cart solution, you can integrate this through a provided API.

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