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BluePay Express Checkout

enSYNC’s BluePay Express Checkout, allowing you to offer the highest levels of PCI-compliant eCommerce without the hassle of hosting payments on your servers.

Offer payment options without an ecommerce engine.


enSYNC's new BluePay Express Checkout solution allows members to purchase something in iMIS, review it in their iMIS cart, then submit payment on secure servers other than your own.


This means your organization can offer payment options with no need for you to have your own eCommerce engine. This is a fully PCI-compliant system.

The concept is much like you might use when shopping and paying with PayPal rather than directly entering a credit card; however, in this instance, no stored information or profile will be created.

This option would be ideal for the following situations: 

check_new_Svg Smaller organizations who can't justify building an eCommerce system.

check_new_Svg Those who have only a few products and don't want the hassle of building out complex commerce methods.

check_new_Svg Organizations who hate wrangling with PCI audits.

check_new_Svg Associations whose members are doubly concerned with security and want assurances of the highest levels of compliance.

How does the hosted payment solution work?

check_newOnce the member makes a purchase and goes to the iMIS cart, they would click a button to go direct to the BluePay payment page.

check_new Once credit card or bank draft is entered, the member is directed back into iMIS for the payment confirmation. 

This option works with the RefundXpress module too! (link to www.ensync-corp.com/imis/integrations/payment-processing/refund-xpress) That means easy refunds when you need to.) is entered, the member is directed back into iMIS for the payment confirmation.


Get a hosted payment solution today.