Virtual Nonprofit Assistants

Are you understaffed? Do you have a big event coming up and not enough people? Is a valuable team member on sick leave and you need more hands? Our Virtual Nonprofit Assistants (VNPAs) can supplement your staff for a set time to get you out of a tough spot.


Virtual Nonprofit Assistants Support Your Mission

What is a virtual nonprofit assistant?

enSYNC offers flex virtual staffing services to organizations who are between staff or need a few extra hands to deal with seasonal work or a special event.

We can provide you with skilled and highly trained staff on a contract basis -- temporarily as you seek the right candidate, for the long-term if you're not interested in hiring, or simply as a backstop to an important project.

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Here's where our VNPAs might be able to fill a gap:

check_new_SvgSupplementing your staff for event management, high season, or when you’re getting ready for an audit or another major event.

check_new_SvgSubbing for team members who are on sick leave, maternity leave or long vacations, and helping you when you need more hands for a specific period of time.
Skilled and trained nonprofit assistant for any roles you need to fill
Short term, medium term or long-term

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Some of the many areas in which our VNPAs can get off your plate include:

Event assistance: the perfect event support you have been dreaming of, our assistant can help manage registration, provide support to attendants and speakers, and fill customer service positions to make sure your event runs smoothly.




Managing membership registration and renewals: registration and renewals can be very time consuming, but this is often during specific events or times of year. Don’t overload your team with these tasks - outsource them to us instead.

Fundraising and event organization: if you want a successful fundraiser, let one of our experienced assistants take over or complement your fundraising efforts. A VNPA can bring new ideas or make sure to execute yours to perfection, so more funds are raised to advance your mission.



Social media management: do not underestimate the power of social media and what it can do for attracting members and raising funds. Let our VNPAs help you develop an engaging social media presence.

Increasing engagement with donors, members and the team. Sometimes your team is not sure about how to handle a high-touch donor, or members start losing interest and engaging less with your team. A VNPA will bring new ideas and lots of experience, to help your team improve their internal and external relations and engagement.


Email management: our highly trained assistants can make short work of stuffed inboxes, get your email campaigns out the door, help make your email work more efficiently.

Calendar management and scheduling: this is one of those thankless jobs most team members avoid, yet it is vital to keep your team running smoothly. Let our VNPAs bring an expert hand and eye to your calendars and make everything run like clockwork.


Research, typing and database management: these jobs are the backbone of successful operations and projects. If no one in your team wants to do them, let us help you out.


No need to worry about recruiting, hiring or training

Save money and time by just having the people you need, when you need them

Have something else in mind?


We can find the right person for almost any role in your organization, from associate-level up to management roles and they are all trained, vetted and use the enSYNC approach to help our partners and clients meet their goals.

Our VNPAs empower nonprofits, associations and trade organizations of all types so they can focus on their goals instead of spending time recruiting, hiring and training new team members. 

Volunteers are great, but sometimes they lack the skills or training for certain jobs, and you may not have the time to train them or support them. VNPAs are ideal to bridge this gap.

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Improve your performance, engagement and fundraising

Our VNPAs can help you achieve this and more.


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