Virtual Nonprofit Assistants

Are you understaffed? Do you have a big event coming up and not enough people? Is a valuable team member on sick leave and you need more hands? Our Virtual Nonprofit Assistants (VNPAs) can supplement your staff for a set time to get you out of a tough spot. 

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What is a virtual nonprofit assistant?

enSYNC can offer flex virtual staffing services to organizations who are between staff or need a few extra hands to deal with seasonal work or a special event.

We can provide you with skilled and highly trained staff on a contract basis -- temporarily as you seek the right candidate, for the long-term if you're not interested in hiring, or simply as a backstop to an important project.

Here's where our VNPAs might be able to fill a gap:

check_new_Svg Supplementing your staff for event management
check_new_Svg Subbing for team members who are on sick leave, maternity leave or long vacations

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