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Say, for example, you’re working in Washington, DC. Imagine being able to pull out your smartphone and fire off a text to your constituents, instantly mobilizing them at a moment’s notice. You’ve got access to a secure database that safely manages all of your contacts. Sound too good to be true? enSYNC can make this your reality.

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Give the voters a voice straight from your mobile device.

In today’s world, working from your smartphone is a given. You need to be able to work when you want, no matter where you might be. enSYNC gives you the mobility (and security) you need to get the job done.


Launch campaigns.

Kick off your campaign in no time, right from your cell phone, thanks to the highly organized data and mobile capabilities offered by enSYNC.

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Text constituents.

Want to stay in contact with your constituents? You can text anyone, anywhere, anytime, thanks to enSYNC’s storage capabilities.


Write letters to congress.

You can orchestrate a letter-writing campaign with ease. Our email automation allows you to schedule emails so that your message will get to the right people at the right time.

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Track your progress.

Wondering how your campaign’s progressing? Our reporting and analytics will help you get the data you need at a moment’s notice.

Make a greater impact
with VoterVoice and iMIS.

You can maximize the power of your advocacy efforts when you bring data into your iMIS system. Alert your supporters to issues, connect them to their elected officials, and guide them through the message sending process, all through one easy portal. 

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Looking to learn more about tech solutions that can help streamline your work as an advocate?

From tracking member engagement to measuring the success of your advocacy activities, enSYNC can help you efficiently achieve your maximum potential. Fill out the form below to learn more today.