Sage Intacct vs NetSuite: Which is Best For Senior Living Communities?

May 1, 2024


Financial management is a complex mix of billing, cost allocation, investment tracking, and grant management. For senior living communities, finance management also means commitment to regulatory and ethical standards while guaranteeing the comfort and health of residents. 

In senior living, the enterprise resource planning (ERP) or accounting solution selected can affect the success of all levels of the organization. Choosing the right solution can streamline financial processes and provide key access to the data needed to make informed decisions. First, let’s break down the differences between two key products on the market: Sage Intacct vs. NetSuite.

Both are big players in the field of cloud-based accounting software, and both promise to automate your financial workflows, but which comes out on top for senior living communities? We’ll take a look at how they compare on functionality, scalability, ease of use, and customer support. 

Sage Intacct vs. NetSuite: Functionality

  • Sage Intacct zeroes in on precision automation of finances and accounting. With this system, you only pay for what you need and have access to real-time data visibility, which can translate to quicker decision-making. Compliance features help you maintain the highest security standards and help ensure regulatory compliance.
  • NetSuite also offers accounting and finance solutions but focuses more on CRM-oriented functions, e-commerce, and project management. It allows for control and customization, letting organizations streamline processes without overhauling their operational models.

Sage Intacct vs. NetSuite: Ease of Use

  • Sage Intacct provides a modular system that enhances ease of use and supports quick, informed decision-making through immediate data visibility.
  • NetSuite allows for extensive customization and control which might appeal to those looking for a more tailored solution. However, it may require a deeper understanding to fully setup and leverage its broader capabilities.

Sage Intacct vs. NetSuite: Scalability

  • Sage Intacct’s modular system allows organizations to scale up effectively, ensuring that they can add functionalities as they grow.
  • NetSuite is suited for growth as well and is particularly built for businesses looking to support functions outside of accounting with its focus on commerce.

Sage Intacct vs. NetSuite: Customer Support

Both cloud accounting software for senior living platforms offer comprehensive customer support, focusing on helping organizations fully utilize their features. The choice might depend more on the specific needs and the scale of the organization.

  • One differentiator is the personalized customer support and dedicated account team that enSYNC provides to senior living leaders looking to transform their accounting through Sage Intacct.
  • NetSuite on the other hand offers a variety of self-service options like videos and chat boxes.


  • Sage Intacct offers a variety of pricing levels, with a structure tailored to each user's individual needs. This can be particularly attractive to smaller or medium-sized organizations. This flexible pricing structure still supports the ability to scale over time.
  • NetSuite charges an initial installation fee and an annual license fee, making it potentially better suited for larger organizations that can utilize its full range of functionalities.

Compliance and Standards

  • Sage Intacct is the preferred accounting software of the American Institute of CPAs and includes features of direct interest to senior living management, such as interactive reporting tools and HIPAA compliance.
  • NetSuite offers robust compliance tools, though its strengths may be more focused in areas like CRM and e-commerce.

Implementing Your Choice for Cloud Accounting Software for Senior Living

Regardless of the platform you choose, successful implementation and integration are straightforward since both are cloud-based SaaS solutions. By evaluating your community's unique needs and considering the functionalities and support services offered by each system, you can make an informed decision on which software to choose. Which do we believe best supports financial health and growth in senior living? Read on for our thoughts.

Which Cloud Accounting Software for Senior Living Has the Edge?

When comparing Sage Intacct vs. NetSuite, Sage Intacct stands out to us as the superior choice for senior living communities, particularly because it delivers targeted capabilities for precision financial management and regulatory compliance.  

Its modular system is specifically designed to meet the unique needs of senior living communities, ensuring financial operations are not only efficient but also adhere strictly to essential standards like HIPAA — a critical requirement in healthcare-related environments. 

In contrast, while NetSuite offers a robust set of features, its strengths lean more towards CRM and e-commerce functionalities, which may not fully align with the specific regulatory and operational needs of senior living communities. 

Additionally, Sage Intacct’s status as the preferred software of the American Institute of CPAs underscores its reliability and commitment to high-standard financial reporting —qualities that NetSuite’s broader, less specialized platform might not match. This focus makes Sage Intacct particularly effective for senior living communities that demand meticulous compliance and detailed financial management. 

Explore How Sage Intacct Can Enhance Your Financial Operations

Interested in seeing how Sage Intacct stacks up against your current system? Schedule a personalized demo with our experts today. Our team has extensive experience across all major cloud accounting software for senior living platforms. We’re here to guide you through your options and help you pick the best technology to fit your needs. 

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Josh Kozinski

Josh Kozinski

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