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100 Reviews

Online reviews affect virtually all buying decisions. Provide unexpected new value to members and empower them to make smarter workplace purchases with your own review portal.


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CardConnect (formerly BluePay)

CardConnect (formerly BluePay) and enSYNC Corporation partner together to provide a credit card payment processing solution right within the iMIS solution.


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Boyer & Associates

Boyer & Associates partners with enSYNC to provide a Microsoft Dynamics integration to iMIS.


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This collaboration app for associations brings users together in one centralized, mobile hub for year-round connectivity and improved communication. Native and fully customized with individual branding and the freedom to select the features most important to each network.


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Higher Logic

Build your member journey through online community and marketing automation with best-in-class systems. Connect your members to each other through the most widely adopted online community and with your organization through highly developed marketing automation tools.


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From Continued Education (CE) management, self-service event registration kiosks to our flagship year-round member engagement app, the MOSAIC Platform offers mobile solutions for your toughest association challenges. Their mobile platform suite of products will boost your member satisfaction while saving your staff time and money.

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From the kindergarten classroom, to college campuses, to global corporations, the Brightspace learning management platform helps create inspired and engaging learning for all. 


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Still having your applicants send in multiple emails with multiple attachments? Consider going digital with an all-in-one software platform that lets your organization collect and review any type of application and provide for online review.

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An artificial intelligence tool that sends industry-relevant news to your members using AI-enhanced technology to send the most relevant articles to each individual member.


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SmartSource Event Rentals

Whether it's partnering with vendors and presenters at conferences to develop best-in-class booths and sessions, allowing event planners to achieve unmatched production values, empowering entertainment/media producers to bring their visions to life... They’ve got a solution for just about everything!
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Maximize the power of your advocacy efforts by bringing data into your iMIS system. This online grassroots advocacy system allows your supporters to be alerted to the issue, matched to their correct elected officials, and guided through the message sending process.


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Sage Intacct

Accounting and finance are one of the biggest hurdles for growing associations. Sage Intacct automates the complete array of accounting processes—from basic to complex—so you can improve productivity, provide compliance, and grow without excessive hiring.

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Association Analytics

Acumen brings together disparate data sources into a centralized platform for analytics and business intelligence, making it easier for you to drive strategy and decision-making, increase membership, grow revenue, and lower costs. You can also use data to increase event attendance and optimize your members’ experience.
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