iMIS: an Easy, All-in-One Association Management System.

Does your association need a fresh software solution for membership management?

iMIS is a cloud-based system that handles multiple aspects of your organization in a smooth, intuitive way: membership, fundraising, content, marketing, education, dues management, and much more. 

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iMIS Solutions Fit for Your Organization

About iMIS

Ranked #1 for client satisfaction and market share, iMIS is web-based database management software that benefits every member of your association. Manage complex member data, help people pursue certifications, organize events, streamline communications, raise new funds, and much more. It’s a powerful tool for recruitment, engagement, analysis, and growth.

iMIS Implementations

Ready to bring a new AMS to your association? enSYNC is your iMIS implementation partner for seamless integrations. We eliminate the time-consuming aspects of introducing a new system and help you understand the vast functions of your iMIS, in clear language. We’ll make sure every decision is strategic and ensure your iMIS is a total success for your association.

iMIS Support

Did you know that enSync has won awards for our stellar customer support? We have hundreds of happy clients because we take pride in providing world-class customer service. When you need help, we’re here to answer questions and keep your iMIS working productively.

iMIS Integrations & Extensions

Every association is unique, and sometimes you need an iMIS that’s perfectly tailored to your organization. When you need to integrate iMIS or add a custom extension, turn to enSYNC. We have a large library of existing options, plus the creative power to develop something entirely new when you need it.


iMIS is a Software Solution Designed to Keep You Focused on Your Members.

When you have the right iMIS, it provides exactly what your members need. It keeps them engaged with your content, day after day. When your members have wishes, you can magically fulfill them with the support of your engagement management system (EMS). iMIS works as this reliable partner to your organization and its membership.


If you’re still struggling with an old-fashioned AMS, it’s time for an upgrade. iMIS association management software offers a modern, web-based system that can keep up with the pace of your association.

Automation frees you from repetitive tasks and allows you to focus on the things that help your association flourish.


event managementSchedule tasks.

Use the power of automation to time tasks for the perfect moment.

email marketingAutomate emails.

Set a calendar of your emails in advance, and they’ll trigger right on time.

advertising campaignsAlert staff.

Send timely staff notifications and alerts, keeping everyone informed.


Contact Management

The iMIS system helps you manage contacts, addresses, and demographic information for individuals, organizations, and groups. It can integrate with your existing contact management system and create a rich database of information for your association. Contact information is always right at your fingertips when you need it.

membership managemetn


Manage contacts, address, and demographic information with an iMIS system.

donor fundraising


Create unique reciprocal relationships between individuals or organizations.

self service portal


Allow designated users to manage contact information for companies, chapters, or committees, all within one simple iMIS system.


Crowdfunding & Fundraising

Your best fundraisers are all around you. They’re your current members, alumni, friends, family, community groups, and partner organizations. But you need a way to invite all of these people into the conversation.

That’s why your association needs the crowdfunding and fundraising functions of iMIS. It allows you to create custom fundraising web pages that inspire people to contribute to your cause.

Post comments, see replies, and add some personality to your fundraising efforts with an iMIS system. Spur fresh donations and welcome new members.

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Event Management

Managing events can be challenging, but the iMIS keeps you right on track.

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Marketing Tools

Your iMIS has built-in marketing tools that make it easier to spread the word about your organization. From developing promotional campaigns to managing your social media feeds, it’s an all-in-one marketing solution for busy associations.

advertising campaigns


Create new ad campaigns and manage them with confidence.

email marketing

Email Marketing

Schedule emails, interact with audiences, and boost your e-messaging.

social media (1)

Social Media

Stay connected with members and the community through social media.

Membership Communication Tools

Easy communication is at the heart of iMIS. Here are the communication tools that make this solution so powerful for your organization.

certification management


Streamline and automate your credentialing, licensing, and certification processes.

contact management

Contact Management

Allow members to join or renew their memberships online, manage their own profiles, and view their purchase histories.



Empower your constituents to connect, communicate, and collaborate online.

self service portal

Self Service

Enable your members to do business with you anytime, anywhere, on any device.


Website Builder

This is a sleek solution that integrates with your existing content management system (CMS) and allows you to manage your entire web presence. It even serves as the backbone of your website, infusing every user interaction with rich content and interactivity.

Explore Website Builder

iMIS Reporting & Analytics

Arm your organization with information. Your iMIS can generate a wide range of reports and analytics that provide deep insight into your strategic decision-making. Set goals, stay on track, and accomplish your vision. 

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member scoring


Generate meaningful scores that show
how close you are to hitting goals.



See real-time data that informs your decisions
and helps you think strategically.

Why iMIS for association management?

Today’s association members are tech-savvy and live in the digital world.
They expect a high level of service from their associations, and if you can’t provide it, your member engagement will suffer.
With iMIS, you can meet members in the digital space and exceed their desires for content, interactivity, education, and social conversation.


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