Consulting for Nonprofits and Member Organizations

"How can we do this better?" Is that question keeping you at night?

Maybe you want to improve processes, do a better job of engaging your members, or give your aging website a boost.

You have an idea of what you'd like to do, but you need guidance. Or maybe you just need a fresh perspective from a fundraising consulting firm, or someone who understands your organization and its mission, and has years of experience in the nonprofit sector.

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How can enSYNC help?

We understand that you have a mission, and so do we: We want to help your organization become the best version of itself.

We also know that every client is different, so every consulting engagement is unique. Our full-service consulting services are entirely tailored to your needs. We can re-engineer business processes or update reporting analytics to give more actionable insight. Or, we can help plan long-term strategy, revitalize your business processes, help with succession planning, and look for missed revenue opportunities. 

And we don’t approach consulting as a “one-and-done” job. Although our consultants are often brought in for specific projects (such as navigating board developments or adopting new nonprofit technology or software solutions), our goal is to build long-term relationships and be a trusted resource you can count on to help your organization evolve as your needs change.

Some of our most common consultation efforts include:

Strategic assessments

Our strategic assessment services, endorsed by TSAE, help you reset your baseline before implementing new technology. We’ll send in management consultants and experts to help you maximize your technology systems by prioritizing your organization’s goals, identifying any obstacles, and creating a customized plan to meet your objectives.

Transitional CIO

If you’re understaffed, overextended, or between IT resources, or even too small to afford a full-time CIO, we can help. We can serve as a transitional CIO or augment your staff when you need more information technology help. Imagine software consulting services that focus on your organization’s needs and take care of prospect research, feasibility studies and software development for you.

data audits
Data audits

Are you concerned that your data is spotty or inaccurate? Our data audit reviews your data, helps you redefine your data structure, and helps get you where you need to be for success. A regular data audit will ensure you maintain integrity and will let you flag issues that need attention.

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