Unlock the Power of Data with Sage Intacct Cloud-Based Accounting Software

Automate processes, integrate systems, and leverage real-time metrics that power decision-making. Sage Intacct is the #1 Nonprofit Accounting Software solution that transforms your nonprofit into a fully connected data-driven enterprise.



Amplify your mission with the power of data

Leverage the power of real-time metrics that let you know what’s happening, when it’s happening, and where. Produce real-time reports, dashboards, and visualizations that enhance budgeting, planning and fundraising activities. Sage Intacct does all this and so much more.

  • Define, track, and report on critical organizational objectives through unique, defined dimensions
  • Efficiently manage fund restrictions and grant requirements
  • Personalize dashboards for real-time operational and financial visibility by funding stream
  • Simplify grant, fund, and donor accounting
  • Access 150+ templates
  • Automate revenue management
  • Easily manage multiple entities
  • Produce reports from multiple operating dimensions
  • Track and report on funding restrictions, program outcomes, and budget to actual results
  • 24/7 accessibility from any mobile device on a secure internet connection
  • Deep insights with project accounting workflows

Seamless system integrations unite your organization under one mission


Leverage Sage Intacct’s open API to unlock data and share it across systems such as member management applications, event software, budgeting applications, and CRMs like Salesforce. Streamline workflows, improve productivity and track critical metrics in a fully transparent unified environment for ultimate visibility.
Sage Intacct makes integration easy, allowing you to bypass traditional, outdated approaches that lock you into a single vendor. Over 75 percent of customers transformed the speed and efficiency of their teams by connecting the platform to at least two other applications — seamlessly and without disruption.
Upgrade to the cloud for improved collaboration, productivity, and security

Sage Intacct’s cloud architecture will give your nonprofit a first-in-class foundation for accounting and finance. One benefit of Sage Intacct’s cloud accounting is that it can be deployed immediately without costly infrastructure costs. Sage Intacct grows with your organization with subscription-based pricing while offering reliable security, automatic updates, and guaranteed performance.

Sage Intacct’s cloud accounting software empowers nonprofits, small business owners, and more

 memberSYNC (1) Community Development Organizations

Maximize efficiency and stewardship with automated workflows so you can direct valuable resources towards helping members of your community improve their lives and build prosperity.


grow membership International Nonprofits and NGOs

Reduce complexity by aggregating transactions and activities from multiple grants and donors for multiple entities in any currency across all locations.


learningSYNC (2)Educational Nonprofit Organizations

Seamless system integration lets you connect to your Learning Management System (LMS) and keep track of everything all in one place.


 Chapter 3 - Personal Faith-based Organizations

Easily integrate with an existing membership management system to streamline fund collection and efficiently allocate resources to activities that bring the community together.


 consulting3 Membership Organizations

Efficiently produce reports, dashboards, and visualizations that help enhance decision-making for better planning, budgeting and fundraising.


benefits Nonprofit Healthcare Organizations

Efficiently allocate funds across the organization through real-time reporting that allows flexible budgeting decisions based on current financial conditions.


paymentSYNC BG-2

Why Sage Intacct?


Favicon Amplify your mission with a core fund accounting solution that empowers your finance team to do more with less. Sage Intacct is the industry’s leading cloud-based accounting program that features a multi-dimensional general ledger, accounts payable automation, automated nonprofit revenue recognition, and comprehensive grant tracking and billing.


With hundreds of innovative tools that amplify productivity, efficiency and reporting, Sage Intacct does more than change how you do accounting — it can change what accounting can do for you.

Simplified Nonprofit/Fund Accounting

nonprofit graphic of hands with heart holding a globe Improve stewardship of funds and maintain compliance through comprehensive fund tracking, workflow efficiency, real-time reporting, and a fully traceable audit trail.

Flexible Process Automation

Financial Management Manage, analyze and present information your way with a multi-dimensional general ledger that adapts to your organizational structure and workflows.

Real-Time Insights

time management Get in-depth, real-time insights into what’s happening right now. Identify opportunities and take corrective action with reports that range from top-level summaries down to the underlying transactions. 

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Transform your Nonprofit with Sage Intacct

Sage Intacct disrupts traditional accounting systems by streamlining critical processes, reducing time-consuming, redundant tasks, and providing data-driven tools to amplify decision-making. Contact us today to learn how we can help you transform your nonprofit into a powerful data-driven organization that makes a significant impact on the communities you serve.