Rated as the #1 Association LMS and the Best Continuing Education
LMS, TopClass LMS is the premier solution for nonprofits and

TopClass LMS by WBT Systems

An LMS that’s geared toward the lifelong learning market,
TopClass LMS helps you and your organization reach the
people who learn from you. By expanding your online learning
portfolio and providing an intuitive, unified environment,
TopClass enhances your online educational offerings. 

TopClass LMS is affordable, designed for nonprofits and
associations, and integrates seamlessly with iMIS. If this sounds
promising, try a free demo to see how TopClass LMS can help
your organization achieve its goals.

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Provide a Cohesive Learning
Experience with TopClass LMS

TopClass Learning Management System is more than a software product — it’s a fully-
integrated system. It’s a platform where you can choose from a comprehensive selection
of modules to represent your organization’s unique programs, courses, certifications, and
professional development experiences. It’s also where people show up to learn from you.
Far more than just a simple tool, TopClass LMS is an entire environment. 

TopClass LMS is the only Authorized iMIS Product Partner in the Learning Management
System category and has become known for its ease of use and comprehensive features. 

TopClass LMS is the flagship program of WBT Systems, which was acquired in 2021 by
Advanced Solutions International, the provider of iMIS. The result is a thorough, direct
integration with iMIS that makes it more efficient for your organization to implement
across the board, from learner profiles to content, payments, and more.

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 memberSYNC (1)Responsive Interface

Use the flexible, responsive interface
of TopClass LMS across mobile and desktop devices without difficulty. The interface is simple but powerful
enough to be customized to reflect the brand identity of your organization.

learningSYNC (2)Group Learning

Bring your groups together in a virtual learning environment. TopClass LMS offers video-based group learning through events and conferences that prompt ongoing interaction and engagement in an online community.

grow membership Certification Management

Manage rules and other features of certification paths with TopClass LMS.
It’s easy to keep track of and evaluate
the progress of certification programs
in your organization.

consulting3 Assessment Tools

Evaluate learners using an array of assessment tools. Quizzes, surveys,
timed assessments, proctored exams, and more are available to give you maximum flexibility and fit into your unique course offerings.

benefits Badging & Gamification

Increase learning engagement and enjoyment by implementing badging
and other gamification elements to
your learning program. Recognizing learners’ achievements helps them
feel motivated and appreciated.

 reports Comprehensive Reporting

Learn from your own learning
programs with comprehensive
reporting features. From identifying
areas to improve to simply better understanding how learners interact
with online course content, reporting
is a key feature of TopClass LMS and improving your educational offerings.

The Advantages of TopClass LMS for Your Organization


TopClass LMS is an affordable solution and flexible platform. It is designed to offer comprehensive features that eliminate the cost of using additional learning platforms.

Integrates with iMIS

Because of WBT Systems’s acquisition
by ASI, TopClass is directly integrated
with iMIS, allowing you to seamlessly include it in your organization’s processes.


Designed for Nonprofits and Associations

Having different kinds of educational offerings means having different
needs for an LMS. TopClass LMS is specifically designed to work with nonprofits, creating a better
experience overall.

See How TopClass LMS Can Improve Your Educational Offerings

Every organization is different, and TopClass LMS
is designed to fit to differing needs and goals. To
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