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Powered by Sage Intacct, you can control, manage and automate your financial processes financeSYNC features include:

check_new_Svg Consolidation. Easily manage funds coming from many different grants and donors, in multiple currencies and locations.

check_new_Svg Reporting. Generate all statements and fill forms quickly and efficiently through automated reporting.

check_new_Svg Control. Set budgets, track actuals and manage budgets with granular accuracy. 

check_new_Svg Speed. Our systems gets you real-time analytics and generates complex closings in a matter of minutes.

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financeSYNC online accounting software revolutionizes nonprofit financial management

financeSYNC simplifies and automates all basic accounting tasks while providing real-time business insights that empower organizations with the valuable insights needed to make critical decisions.

Cloud-based and always accessible, our accounting and finance solutions can be integrated with other applications critical to your operation for a seamless experience that increases efficiency, saves time and reduces costs.

Easy-to-use with an intuitive interface, financeSYNC delivers first-in-class security updates automatically without any costly hardware upgrades. We leverage open APIs that connect your organization with other applications for a comprehensive solution that can power every aspect of your nonprofit organization.

Association finance management made easy.

Our financeSYNC system is designed to help associations and non-profits reach their goals and maximize their resources with effective, powerful and flexible financial tools that will make budgeting, executing and reporting a breeze.

financeSYNC, powered by Sage Intacct, is a cloud-based system that includes reporting, management and budgeting tools, while giving you the flexibility to create and modify your workflows, automations, reports and much more - no coding required.

Our cloud-based nonprofit bookkeeping solutions help nonprofits, associations and member organizations let go of legacy systems and move to the cloud. No more software upgrades or hardware failures. Connection through the cloud ensures that your data is accessible everywhere while being kept safe and secure from cyber-attacks and security breaches.

financeSYNC lets your team collaborate on projects for enhanced decision-making - anytime and anywhere there is an internet connection.

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financeSYNC empowers nonprofits of all types so they can focus on their goals

Tailored for large and small nonprofit organizations, our cloud-based accounting software is ideal for a wide range of nonprofit groups:

check_new_Svg Community Development Organizations Our solutions empower community improvement and development organizations with easy-to-use solutions that deliver productivity, visibility and efficiency. Harness the power of the cloud for an overall view of every aspect of your operation and the effect it has on the communities you serve.
check_new_Svg Human Services Organizations Upgrade your accounting systems with a cloud-based foundation that streamlines operations, increases efficiency and saves money so your organization can focus energy on caring for the community. Our cloud-based accounting and finance solutions help streamline processes while improving efficiency so your organization can have a maximum impact.
check_new_Svg Educational Nonprofit Organizations Our first-in-class nonprofit accounting solutions help education-focused nonprofit organizations such as schools, libraries and associations save valuable money so they can divert resources towards delivering quality training for all. financeSYNC facilitates collaboration for all team members for better decision-making and increased problem-solving at all levels of the organization.
check_new_Svg International Nonprofits and NGOs financeSYNC helps international nonprofits streamline processes such as consolidations, procurement, and grant management reporting in multiple places using multiple currencies. Our cloud-based solutions mean instant access to valuable data at any time that aids critical decision-making throughout the organization.
check_new_Svg Faith-based Organizations financeSYNC helps faith-based organizations and churches from all denominations save money, strengthen controls and improve transparency for increased efficiency as they pursue their mission. Along with reduced complexity, our solutions help organizations save money that can be diverted to strengthening the entire organization so its activities have a maximum impact.
check_new_Svg Membership Organizations Our cloud-based accounting solutions support the growth of member and association groups such as professional societies, advocacy associations and other membership groups. Our proactive, data-driven financial management solutions allow for better decisions, increased efficiency and greater satisfaction among all stakeholders.
check_new_Svg Nonprofit Healthcare Organizations Streamline finance and accounting operations with financeSYNC - an ideal solution for nonprofit hospitals, community centers, mental health clinics, addiction centers and other nonprofit health-focused groups. Our cloud-based solution increases transparency and facilitates collaboration that saves money, increases efficiency and improves outcomes.
check_new_Svg Foundations and Philanthropic OrganizationsfinanceSYNC gives foundations and philanthropic charities a complete view of all their financials so they can make strategic results-oriented decisions that maximize impact. Our solutions help philanthropic organizations monitor all aspects of their operations while providing detailed reports that aid decision-making with critical, actionable information.

Cloud accounting software for nonprofits, small business owners and more

Nonprofits need timely, insightful financial reporting to make data-driven decisions that drive their mission forward. Sage Intacct offers small business and similar organizations nonprofit bookkeeping software that provides easy-to-create reports, dashboards, and financial data visualizations. Always connected and ready in real-time, our financial reporting tools allow finance leaders and executives to look forward and plan for new programs, fundraising events and staff changes with the confidence that comes from having reliable data-based insights.

Move beyond income and expenses, accounts payable and general ledger reporting. Our outcomes dashboards let you display critical financial information side-by-side with outcomes—allowing you to demonstrate how well your organization achieves its mission with more insight than traditional financial reports alone.

Moving to the cloud has never been easier

financeSYNC’s cloud-based nonprofit accounting solutions employ a cloud architecture that helps nonprofits, associations and member organizations upgrade their existing systems for a wide range of benefits.

check_new_Svg Accessible Anywhere Free yourself from the headaches of local software installations, redundancies and hardware issues and experience the freedom of accessing your valuable company data anywhere there is an internet connection.
check_new_Svg Improved Data Security Data is essential to your organization, and it needs to be stored safely and securely. Our cloud-based architecture ensures that you no longer have to be concerned with issues that compromise data security, such as local software or hardware crashes, power outages, data breaches or cyber-attacks. With our cloud-based nonprofit accounting software solution, you can rest assured that your data is safe and secure in the cloud and accessible at any time.
check_new_Svg Easy Team Collaboration Bring power to your purpose with effortless collaboration made possible through our cloud-based solutions. We give you the tools your team needs to access the same files from anywhere there is an internet connection at any time.
check_new_Svg Environmentally Friendly Help protect our planet while reducing costs by keeping your valuable data in the cloud for instant access by anyone at any time. Free yourself from the hassle of making multiple copies of documents and keeping paper records in numerous places. With our cloud-based architecture your information is safely and securely stored for access whenever you need it.

Maximize efficiency and stewardship by automating manual processes

Automated, paperless workflows accelerate routine accounting and reporting tasks, leaving more time to focus on strategies that help accomplish your organization’s mission. Sage Intacct’s association accounting software increases workflow efficiency by:

  • Tailoring transactions and approval workflows to eliminate redundant data entry
  • Automatically routing and tracking digital approval signoffs on transactions
  • Automating fund, grant, revenue, and billing processes
  • Providing anytime, anywhere access for staff and volunteers can increase finance department productivity by more than 30%

Work smarter with seamless system integration

Ensure your finance team stays current with modern processing and reporting insights by harnessing the technology of nonprofit finance software to work smarter. Our open API lets you connect to existing or future systems. This means you can leverage critical data from donor management, payroll, budgeting, CRMs like Salesforce, and others to track metrics that are central to your organization’s operations and programs in one place.

Simplify and speed consolidations to manage your organization’s complexity

How can your nonprofit achieve efficiency and clarity when you’re operating different legal entities with foreign currencies in different tax jurisdictions? Forget the headaches of spreadsheets and manual reconciliations. Sage Intacct’s sophisticated software option features a multidimensional database that lets you aggregate transactions and activities across your nonprofit organization:

  • Multiple entities
  • Multiple currencies
  • Multiple grants and donors
  • Multiple locations

With push-button consolidations, you get fast closings and real-time analytics – in minutes, not weeks – for maximum impact on your nonprofit’s performance.

financeSYNC lets organizations leverage real-time data analytics for an overall view of every aspect of their organization across all departments and locations. 

Increased transparency for better decision making

financeSYNC gives nonprofits real-time visibility across all areas of their operation so they can see the impact of their programs across all service areas for all communities.

  • Manage multiple entities efficiently and effectively
  • Produce consolidated and drilled-down views of organizational performance
  • Harness the power of dynamic dashboards that produce real-time operational and financial data across all areas

financeSYNC is more than just accounting and finance software. It is an integrated solution that gives you unique views into the performance of your organization. Our intuitive tools power informed decision-making through detailed reports on operations that include revenues and expenses by program and location, cash flow reports, program billings, grant tracking, automated program-outcome, and much more.

Cloud/based system you can access anywhere.
Easy to customize and adjust.
Consolidate multiple accounts into clear reports.
Save money and improve performance.

financeSYNC gives you this and more.


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