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We would not be where we are as a company without the amazing, talented individuals that come together every day to make organizations the best they can be.

Consulting Team

Ariel Crotty
Ariel has been a part of the association space for 14 years. As iMIS has grown up, she has grown with it. Ariel spent the infancy of iMIS 10 together, through the "mean teens" of iMIS 15, all the way to the adulthood of iMIS 20. She knows all the ins-n-outs, and she specializes in the membership aspect. Spending 14 years in an association, Ariel knows the importance of membership and understands the value iMIS can give to it.
Tina Haglund
Senior Consultant
Tina knows her iMIS. Well-respected in this community of ours, you’ll often find her teaching iMIS topics to the National iMIS Users Group. But her greatest joy is working one-on-one with customers. Nonprofit work is not just running through her veins during the work week. She’s also a current and past nonprofit volunteer with Girl Scouts and ARC. Tina holds her iMIS certification (CIP) and is also very skilled in MS Office with certifications in some of those areas. That makes her a Great Guru for all of us.
Katie Hamel
A fast learner and a hard worker, what more could you ask for? Katie is friendly and knowledgeable in the consulting world and always excited to take on new challenges. Katie has been rooted in the iMIS community ever since she can remember. Some of her interests include cooking, kickboxing, biking and vacationing.
Terry Hammond
Senior Web Consultant
RiSE is her specialty. Joining enSYNC long before RiSE was a reality, she’s been able to learn it from the ground up. That means she can help you transform your database into a website wonder. Not only does she have the knowledge to format the RiSE CMS to your specifications, she also has a creative design flair that she can bring to your project.
Laurie Hill
If we could give Laurie another title, it would be Chief Satisfaction Officer. She’s likely your first contact when calling or emailing on the Customer Support line. She’s also great at facilitating those phone conversations and leaving happy clients at the end of the discussion.  Even though she is a closet Barry Manilow fan, we have accepted her lovingly into the enSYNC family.
Josh Kozinski
Account Manager
You know that friend who you can trust with anything? That's Josh. Interacting and building relationships with our clients and partners is what he enjoys most about his job. He offers a helping hand in providing the best solution for your needs. His favorite pastimes include playing basketball and golf. Josh holds a world-record for three-point shooting, and his ambition carries through in the workplace. 
Shannon Kozinski
Digital Strategist
Most of her life has been spent upside-down or in the hands of others. Thanks to her collegiate cheerleading background, Shannon isn't afraid to get out of her comfort zone and continuously gives our team here support and motivation. She has a degree in marketing and through this, she has found a passion in digital media. Her enthusiasm and creativity are the perfect match for her role here. 
Lan Mai
Lan has got the cred – in Computer Science, as a Certified Information System Auditor, and as an Accredited ACH Professional. What that means to you is that there’s a lot of knowledge in that there brain that he can transfer to help you on your projects. And that’s his specialty – solving problems for clients. With young kids at home, he has lots of subjects for his hobby of photography.
Sarah Matzke
Her helpful hands and accountability are something we admire. While at college, Sarah interned at enSYNC and found the itch to stick around full time after graduation (Lucky us!). Sarah has a little over 3 years of iMIS experience and is enthusiastic about learning new things daily. She willingly takes on any task the team asks of her and brings a positive, cooperative, can-do attitude. We know Sarah as the girl that's always up for the challenge. 
Judy Pulice
Education Consultant
To sum up Judy's association management experience in one word: Remarkable. Not only does she have #TexasPride as a former President and award recipient of DFWAE, Judy has also created leadership development programs, organized conferences, trained volunteers, and conducted workshops for various organizations. Needless to say, Judy's brain is the ultimate association vessel.
Milissa Straka
Senior Consultant
Milissa has iMIS in her blood; she's been working with the product for 22+ years. Before enSYNC, Milissa enjoyed a successful career as an independent consultant, attaining her Certified iMIS Professional credential. She is a voracious reader (with too many favorites to list). When she is not reading, she's spending time with her husband and two sons. Don't let her colorful hair fool you, she's a typical suburban wife and mom. 

Engineering Team

Ram Devarapu
Software Engineer
When his family asks what he does for a living, Ram answers that he makes software for nonprofits. And we attest that he does that very well. As a lead developer at enSYNC, he has handled dozens of implementations for our clients. Maybe the fact that he loves high performance driving and flying drones is what keeps him on the go at enSYNC. He’s got a Master’s in Computer Science from UT Arlington and also a degree in electronic engineering.
Maddie Patapatnam
Software Engineer
If you hear someone softly humming a tune in the development room, it is our Maddie. Those sweet songs are a complement to her wicked skills in software engineering and web development. Another of our Master’s level software developers, Maddie works on Online AutoDraft and VoterVoice bridge.
Harsh Singh
Software Engineer
Harsh is the seasoned veteran of the development team. He joined enSYNC after getting his Master’s in Computer Science and his touch is on almost all the systems we offer. Working on those products is right up his alley because what he loved best in school was software design and architecture. Right now, he’s busy fixing up a new house he and his wife bought, though he also likes to get outdoors and hike and bike.

Leadership Team

Chadd Arthur
Director of Client Success
Chadd is here to take our clients higher. Our goal is to reach new levels of satisfaction to promote retention and ensure our clients are happy with the products and services they receive. With Chadd's 20+ years of experience in the nonprofit and association industry, he has a deep understanding of client needs and challenges. With him we find a perfect bridge to our clients in building, retaining, and optimizing long-term relationships.
Stacey Muellner
Director of Consulting
You’d have to drive a good long way before you found someone with as much iMIS immersion as Stacey. While she’s been at enSYNC for 12 years, she also has been with ASI, another solution provider, and at an association using iMIS. That great experience is one reason she heads up our iMIS consulting team. That, and the fact that she’s a great motivator, a great teacher, and a great leader. When she’s on your project, she brings that same enthusiasm to you.  
David Hickey
President and CEO
David is the other half of the founding team at enSYNC. He’s got a mind for business and handles the corporate side of enSYNC. He’s also developed the payment gateway division of the company, working with BluePay as a partner in many of our client’s organizations.  His business acumen also helps clients make decisions about operations, especially those related to accounting and managed IT services. A proud TCU alum, he has not decorated the office in purple, nor has he encouraged other staff members to participate in his hobby of skydiving. (Thanks for that, David.)
Mark Jones, CAE
Mark began his career at IBM – catching the technology bug. He also began working with nonprofits at that time – thus catching the nonprofit bug. Bringing the two together, then, was a natural with IMIS coming into the marketplace just a few years earlier. Mark’s enthusiasm spreads wherever he goes. His specialty is learning all about your organization and sharing ideas for best practices. He wants organizations to learn from each other. Maybe that’s why speaking at meetings such as TSAE, NTEN, DFWAE, and client associations is one of his passions. Mark attained his CAE and has served on the board of the Texas Society of Association Executives.
Sherry Milligan, CAE
VP of Nonprofit Strategy
Sherry is a true association maven. Working for a large healthcare association for many years, her worked touched on nearly every aspect of their operations. That makes her a natural for the consulting work enSYNC does. As they say, she’s seen almost everything, so she knows how to handle almost anything. She partners with other enSYNC staff members to perform our strategic assessments and business operations consulting. Her training in Lean Six Sigma helps you become the most efficient operation you can be. She keeps her hand in the association community through DFWAE, TSAE, ASAE, and maintains relationships with many of the companies that serve associations through marketing, email, web management, LMS systems, and more.
Janet Davidson
VP of Operations
Quick. Look up “hard-working” “multi-tasking” “do it all” “never stop” in the dictionary. Do you see her face? Janet Davidson is the hardest working person we know. Janet is the point of contact for the beginning and ending of all projects. She’s also got a mind like a steel trap, remembering every client and every client interaction. Plus, as operations manager, she oversees the work of the entire team. Janet also brings another great perspective to the group, as she started her iMIS career with a fundraising organization. If you don’t know where to start on your journey with enSYNC, may we suggest you call Janet. She’ll know where to take it from there!

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