Top-Rated iMIS Implementation and Optimization for Your Association

From membership and dues management to fundraising, marketing, and education, your iMIS engagement management system (EMS) handles your organization’s most critical functions. With enSYNC, your organization can set up and optimize the capabilities it needs to succeed efficiently and strategically.  

When properly optimized and integrated to work with your technology stack, your cloud-based iMIS implementation can help simplify administrative tasks. Not only does that help you keep everything running smoothly, but it also provides a better experience for your association and nonprofit organization members and helps you save time, money, and frustration.

Whether you need help getting EMS up and running or expert optimization for an existing system, we provide the services you need for long-term iMIS success. Our award-winning team is staffed with experts in iMIS implementations, training, and support. We'll help you understand your iMIS system’s features and functions, maximizing the value of your investment from day one.

Ready to find out how enSYNC can ensure your iMIS EMS better serves your organization’s members and organizational goals? Fill out our form to get in touch with our iMIS implementation team today.

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See the difference: enSYNC’s iMIS implementation approach

At enSYNC, we focus on providing holistic implementation experiences and services tailored to your technical and business requirements. So no matter where you are in your iMIS practice, we can provide the expert services, support, and staff enablement that you need. 

You can count on enSYNC for system implementation or full-service iMIS optimization and iMIS configuration — all delivered by an organized, experienced team that communicates with you every step of the way.

Top-Rated iMIS Implementation

Our top-rated services make it easier for your team to take advantage of the capabilities your iMIS EMS has to offer, from event management and member communication to task automation, scheduling, fundraising, and donor management.


White-Glove Support & Training

In addition to providing expert iMIS optimization and implementation, we also offer support and training services, ensuring your team has the knowledge and technical support they need, no matter what happens. Get the most out of your iMIS software — partner with enSYNC for a truly white-glove experience.

Attentive & Customized Service

The enSYNC team applies our extensive experience and deep understanding of iMIS implementations to ensure your system is set up and optimized for your specific use cases. Before each project, we assess your departmental processes and KPIs and tailor our services to your needs.

Helpful Custom iMIS Integrations and Enhancements

By conducting a business process review at the start of each project, we gain deep insight into your organization's tools to succeed. We determine the features needed and can integrate tools from our existing library of sync tools or will create something custom for your organization.

Who benefits from an enSYNC iMIS implementation?

At enSYNC, we’ve delivered successful iMIS implementations for a wide variety of organizations, from charitable nonprofits to unions and other member-based associations. Your organizations could benefit from an enSYNC iMIS implementation if you looking to:

  • Maximize your iMIS investment
    Even if you’ve had previous implementations that haven’t given you the return on investment you need, we can help you optimize your iMIS implementation for your specific technology and organizational needs.
  • Easily integrate multiple teams’ needs into iMIS
    Your iMIS implementation can handle a host of functions managed across a variety of teams, including email automation, fundraising, and event management — and enSYNC can make sure your implementation is optimized for your teams’ specific requirements.
  • Expand the iMIS usage across more functions
    As your association has grown over time, the original configuration for your iMIS implementation may no longer meet all your needs, and enSYNC can help you transform how you use this engagement management system.

Need iMIS configuration help? Stop looking for alternatives to iMIS!

When dealing with complicated technical issues — often without on-staff expertise — finding a way to make the most of your technology investments can feel impossible. It’s not uncommon for organizations to hit roadblocks when implementing or configuring new iMIS systems or attempting to optimize existing implementations. 

That’s where a partner like enSYNC can step in.

So many successful nonprofits, unions, and associations rely on enSYNC’s iMIS implementations to streamline, configure, and personalize their iMIS portal. We offer the white-glove solution that is an investment in your longevity with the platform. 

enSYNC wants your iMIS implemented correctly before you start looking for iMIS alternatives.

But what if I’ve already had iMIS implemented?

We often work with organizations that have existing or previous iMIS implementations that simply didn’t meet their needs. Our team specializes in making sure your iMIS implementation is built for your organization’s needs, whether or not it’s the first time your organization has used this engagement management system.

What’s both the best and most challenging aspect of deploying a new iMIS implementation is the solution's customizability. The enSYNC team focuses on understanding your organizational and individual team needs, empowering your staff to take advantage of the benefits iMIS has to offer. We’ll work with you to reimagine how you use iMIS functionality, reconfiguring or redeploying your existing system according to your requirements.


Why iMIS?

While enSYNC is more than just an “iMIS shop,” our team is highly skilled at this software solution. But why do we love it so much?

Because for over 30 years, iMIS has remained the leading option in the industry, delivering an all-in-one solution that’s highly customizable and simple to manage.

Those features make it a flexible option that can scale and adapt as your organization grows or shifts focus over time, making it a smart technology investment. And the reality is, no matter what engagement management solution you choose, if your implementation approach doesn’t factor your organization’s technology and processes into the initial project plan, you’re going to experience similar problems in the future. 

That’s why we recommend iMIS to our customers — so that you start with the best solution and let our team of iMIS experts take care of the rest.


Step 1: Discovery and Business Process Analysis

Our first step with any iMIS implementation or optimization project is to analyze our customer’s business processes, using existing system data and user feedback. This allows us to understand the day-to-day functionalities they need and start planning project phases.

Step 2: Determining Key Success Metrics

Next, we determine what our customer needs to consider the project a success. Are they looking to save time on repetitive tasks, or do they need to optimize member engagement, retention, and growth? That informs our final project plan.

Step 3: Establishing an Agile Project Plan

Now that we’ve solidified our project goals and key success metrics, we establish agile project schedules that include efficient implementation and user training. This way, you know exactly what to expect while providing regular status updates.

Step 3: Establishing an Agile Project Plan

Now that we’ve solidified our project goals and key success metrics, we establish agile project schedules that include efficient implementation and user training. This way, you know exactly what to expect while providing regular status updates.

Step 4: Implementing and Optimizing Your iMIS EMS

At this point, our project is underway. As we deploy or optimize your iMIS system, we follow agile project management methodologies to stay on track with our timeline and your goals.

Step 5: Ensuring Your Long-term iMIS Success

After your initial iMIS implementation, we’re still available to provide training and support that ensures your long-term iMIS success. And since we take time to establish metrics for your success, we’re prepared to take corrective action or implement new integrations when needed.

Let's talk about iMIS implementations

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