Send customized and relevant industry news to your members

enSYNC has partnered with rasa.io to offer an artificial intelligence tool that sends industry-relevant news to your members. rasa.io uses AI-enhanced technology to send the most relevant articles to each individual member. No two emails are the same, as rasa.io AI algorithms evolve to send individualized content specific to each member’s interests.

As a result of this customized content, your members will see you as a relevant source of cutting-edge industry news and information. The emails are custom branded by your organization, so the result is frequent member engagement with your association’s brand. This frequent news brief results in intense brand loyalty, a platform for increased monetization, and a tool you can use to effectively deliver your important news and updates.


Product Features
  • Personalized email with relevant industry news
  • Email design and custom branding
  • Auto-creation and auto-send on frequency of your choosing
  • Artificial Intelligence to hand-pick relevant news content
  • Regular reporting on key metrics, including:
    • trending news topics
    • trending news sources
    • open and click rates
    • artificial intelligence learning level metrics
  • Power API: connection with your CRM, AMS, or LMS
  • Advertising capabilities and support
  • Featured articles and highlighted messaging capabiities
  • Ability to filter most relevant content topics

Learn how other associations have increased engagement through rasa.io.

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