Training For Nonprofits:
Get Expert Help and Advice from Our Team of Nonprofit Professionals

Your staff is the heart and soul of your organization.
Give them the tools and the skills they need to do their best,
as well as professional development. It’s critical to your ongoing success.

And generic training courses don’t do the job.

We Tailor Instruction to Learning Styles

Our consultants are nonprofit professional experts in advanced training methodologies as well as experts in their subject matter. 

They know how to read an audience and how to reach an audience.

And they recognize that some people are visual, auditory, or kinesthetic learners, and adjust their presentations accordingly to facilitate learning and retention.


We Give Hands-On, Role-Specific Instruction

Our Technical Training programs are far from generic. It’s hands-on and tailored to individual roles within the nonprofit sector. We can tailor instruction for executive directors, accounting and bookkeeping personnel, fundraisers and grant writers, membership management, other nonprofit management professionals, and board members.

Although we’re iMIS-certified, our expertise extends to additional tools, such as SSRS and Crystal Reports.

We can help your team:

  • Make the transition to an entirely new system
  • Master a new module
  • Understand an underutilized feature
  • Implement a new process to increase efficiency

By investing in your human capital, like you invest in technology, you not only retain your best staff & members, you also ensure you have a capable team in place to guide your organization into the future.

Training means you realize a return on your tech investment through maximum utilization and reach your organization’s objectives faster, keeping everything in sync.