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    August 2017

    Two Webinars for September

    We've got two webinars in store for the month of September.

    enSYNC Webinars

    September 19 - Using CardConnect (formerly BluePay) with iMIS

    For our iMIS clients, we have a reprise of our popular educational program on payment processing, with a look at a new tool that allows you to make easy refunds out of iMIS. Brent Boskovich of CardConnect (formerly BluePay) will present, giving you information about CardConnect (formerly BluePay) as well as describing how online payment processing works.  REGISTER HERE

    September 26 - Using Your Data for Real Business Insights

    If you keep hearing that you need to use your data, but don't quite know what that means or how to do it, this is the program for you. Christie Gunden, Product Marketing and Content Manager at Gravitate Solutions will teach us what it means to be data driven, how to build a data culture, and gather business intelligence. Take these concepts from buzz words into action-oriented plans you can start today.  REGISTER HERE