Clowder is the Mobile Engagement Solution for Nonprofits & Associations

Clowder is an essential part of today's organizational strategy.

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Clowder Benefits Your Organization

Mobile is where it’s at; people want 24-hour access to whatever they’re looking for. Clowder is an essential part of today’s organizational strategy.

Attract young professionals — they are the future, and their future is mobile

Decrease membership churn through engagement through continuous collaboration and easy-to-access content

Increase event attendance by driving engagement before, during and after events

Increase non-dues revenue by providing advertising and sponsorship opportunities for industry partners

Our Clowder mobile app brings your members together one centralized, use-anywhere hub for continuous connectivity and improved communication.

It works with iOS and Android, and there are also web-based administration capabilities.

It’s fully tailorable–so you can add your branding, and select the tools that are most important to your members and your organization.

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Fully Tailorable Features

Clowder is equipped with features specific for driving maximum member engagement such as:

  • Dues collection with mobile payment processing
  • Events management to enhance involvement and coordination
  • Push notifications to keep your network and members informed
  • News feed and forums
  • Simple admin and analytics
  • Member directory
  • Filters to target specific members
  • Private messaging

With over 150 features to choose from, Clowder gives you everything you need to connect members, employees and stakeholders. It’s like having your own private social network.

A Complete Event Platform

This isn’t an event-only app. Clowder nurtures lasting engagement and connections before, during, and after each event.

Our event platform includes:

  • Mobile registration
  • Speaker bios and informational resources
  • Schedules and agendas
  • Polls and surveys
  • Unlimited event entries

The news feed can be used for remote events, including live streaming, podcasts and webinars, so attendees can view, share and comment.

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Clowder: Connect Your Members and Drive Engagement on the Go

Our Clowder mobile app brings your members together with one centralized, use-anywhere hub for continuous connectivity and improved communication.It works with iOS and Android, and there are also web-based administration capabilities.

It’s fully tailorable — so you can add your branding, and select the tools that are most important to your members and your organization.

Why a mobile app for your organization?

Increase member engagement.

It is truly the #1 year-round mobile engagement solution for members. With this mobile application, you can look forward to an increase in retention/ readership, revenue from newsfeed sponsorship, event attendance, and member interactions.

Improve your engagement reporting.

Each app is accompanied with an easy-to-use, web-based admin for full back-end control as well as access to comprehensive user analytics. Our admins can integrate with outside systems including RSS feeds, blogs, AMSs, CMSs, event platforms and more.


Clowder welcomes a multitude of integrations in order to create seamless member experiences and expand app capabilities. This includes connecting your news feeds, blogs, AMS, CMS, event platform and more.

Self-service admin.

The back end admin included with your app allows for full content and user management as well as easy access to analytics. It also acts as a self-service advertisement hub for all mobile sponsorship and collected data.

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Implementation of Clowder

Clowder initial implementation for web and mobile takes approximately 14 weeks, and is accomplished in sprints.



Two weeks. First, we’ll do a kick-off call and gather technical information, as well as discuss your needs, the design change options and the features you want, etc. You’ll also set up an Apple developer account for your mobile app.

technical assessment

Technical Assessment:

Two weeks. During this sprint, we’ll assess the information we’ve collected and create designs.



Two weeks. We’ll have a call to review the design and make modifications based on our conversation. We’ll present revisions and get your final approval.

admin tracking

Backend Development:

Two weeks. This is when we build your version of Clowder.

admin tracking

Backend Development & Admin Tracking

Two weeks. At this point, we’ll continue our backend development, QA and deliver administrative access to your online version of Clowder.

app development

App Development:

Two weeks. We’ll have a conference call with you to do site administration training, and then we’ll develop the iOS and Android applications.

app qa

App QA & Launch Plan Review:

Two weeks. Behind the scenes, we’ll be doing QA and then we’ll call you to discuss launch planning. After that call, we’ll push your app to the App Store and Google Play.


Client QA & App Launch:

This takes as long as it takes–the mobile apps are launched, so we’ll take you through a demo via phone call, and then you’ll do your own QA to make sure things are working the way you and your members like.After initial implementation, the last sprint, at a time TBD, will be for us to build updates to your Clowder apps, push those new apps to Apple and Google, and have a call with you to make sure everything is going as you and your members expected.

Pricing is all-inclusive and accounts for all implementation fees, ongoing client support and regular app updates.

$0 onboarding, implementation & upgrade costs


Starting monthly fee

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