Online Community Integration for iMIS

by Higher Logic

Build your member journey through online community and marketing automation with best-in-class systems. Connect your members to each other through the most widely adopted online community and with your organization through highly developed marketing automation tools.

Integrate your online community to iMIS. 

Using enSYNC to help implement your online community integrations with iMIS ensures you’re working within your AMS framework to get the best alignment possible with your member profiles and categories of constituents, keeping your database inline with your organizational goals.

Online Communities empower your organization to:

  • Deliver personalized messages to your members
  • Apply practical data to your member programs
  • Build an experience that brings people together and brings you new insight
  • Drive better recruitment, retention, and increased revenue for your organization

Online Communities for iMIS

Your members want a seamless experience when they engage with your association. Online Communities for iMIS provides an integration for associations that work with the online community platform and iMIS. Your iMIS database is the central ground for your member data, while your community is the central space that your members use to engage with each other and with your association.
This partnership will deliver actionable business intelligence to inform overall membership engagement strategy, while also providing association members with a more streamlined user experience.

The integration delivers:

  • Two-way data synchronization. Associations can write their community activity back to iMIS. Members can update their iMIS profile within their community.
  • Notifications. Members can receive notifications based on their data in iMIS
  • Analytics. Associations can see and analyze member interaction data using dashboards for member scoring, segmentation, and journey mapping

Online community for iMIS provides:

  • Seamless member experience. Make it easier for your members to engage with your association by keeping all their interactions in one place.
  • Member interaction reporting. Combine demographic data from your iMIS database with member activity data from your community for a 360-view of your members.
  • Combined member engagement and management. Your staff wants an easy way to manage your members. Bringing community activity data into iMIS gives them all the information they need in one place to make smart, strategic decisions enabling your association to boost engagement and grow and retain your members.

Marketing Automation for iMIS

Do you structure your interactions so both members and non-members receive tailored, relevant messages at precisely the right time? Save time by being strategic instead of focusing on manual, repetitive tasks. Deliver superior campaigns with dynamic content and dedicated resources using Marketing Automation.

Drag and drop functionality, making it easy to create templates and emails without HTML


Integration to iMIS which allows for a 360 view of your data. Email activity and marketing automation data seamlessly writes back to iMIS for the most robust reporting capabilities.

A visual campaign designer making it simple to build automated campaigns that triggers messages based on behavior, such as opening an email, visiting a webpage, or sharing content.

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Superior deliverability services ensure your messages reach the intended recipient without any extra work on your part

Easy to read reporting, scoring, and conversion tracking that provides a clear view of how your email marketing campaigns are performing

Build an online community for your organization today.

enSYNC is an expert in iMIS and the products that integrate with it, and we can help you get the most out of your investment. From the important data to send to other applications to what to do with the data that comes back, we have you covered.