Payment Processing

Looking for a way to automatically process recurring payments, renewals and more for your organization? We've got solutions that integrate with your AMS.

With our payment gateway integration, you will get access to all of these great features ... and more! 

Payment Gateway

An integrated credit card payment processing solution that connects direct to the AMS. You can expect lower credit card fees and a hassle-free online interface. Let's start with a free analysis.

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CardConnect (formerly BluePay) Express Checkout

Make your eCommerce experience secure and hassle-free for your members. Fully PCI-compliant.

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Make refunds out of the AMS even when the card is not present. Fully PCI-compliant, RefundXpress works with the gateway and is your easiest tool for refund management.

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Looking for recurring payment automation or gateway reconciliation? Look no more! Here are a few products we have built to simplify your manual processes. 

AutoDraft/ Online AutoDraft

Build a perpetual membership model with this tool that allows you to set up recurring payments or allows members to pay their dues in installments.


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Gateway Reconciler

Find mismatched transactions between your gateway provider and AMS batches instantly. No more searching for problem transactions till your eyes get blurry.

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Get started with payment processing for your organization.

Whether you're looking to learn more about payment processing for your organization, implementation or transitioning your current service, we're here to help.