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enSYNC’s RefundXpress module allows you to make easy refunds from iMIS for credit card purchases.

Improve the experience for your members.

Often refunds need to be made days after a purchase has been completed and you no longer have the credit card available to you. Chasing down the member to obtain the credit card number again takes staff time for what are often numerous phone calls. The RefundXpress module allows you to make these refunds even when the card is not present.


Make partial or full refunds easily and securely.

Working with the payment gateway, the RefundXpress module uses the gateway’s encrypted transaction token to reference the purchase and make the refund back to the member’s credit card. Because you are no longer keeping credit card numbers on file, you are securely referencing the transaction through the PCI-compliant gateway where the credit card purchase is stored. Fail-safe measures are also in place to ensure that the amount refunded is never more than the amount transacted. You can make partial or full refunds.

Learn more about RefundXpress today.

A smooth integration between the gateway and iMIS make this a no-hassle tool for you to manage your refunds. We can help.