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paymentSYNC: Simple, Secure and Reliable

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Make payment simple, secure and reliable with paymentSYNC


Make things easy for members, donors and staff while saving money with paymentSYNC.

Efficiently process both one-time and recurring payments and refunds on a desktop or go mobile – it’s all at your fingertips.

Take payments by credit card or echeck, and process refunds. You’ll save money on credit card processing fees, track transactions in one place and save time on your end-of-the-month reconciliation.

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paymentSYNC Payment Processing

Make payment simple, secure and reliable and save both money and staff time with paymentSYNC, powered by Clover.

Accept payments by credit card or echeck

Track transactions in real-time automatically with no manual processing

Set your own batch closing time

Next day funding for improved cash flow

Save 10% to 15% on credit card processing fees

Pair a card reader with a phone or tablet to accept payments anywhere

Protect member information with advanced security with tokenization, point-to-point encryption and robust fraud management tools

Fees are deducted monthly instead of daily

Integrates with your current custom cart solution or with missionSYNC

Easily Set Up and Manage Recurring Payments

With paymentSYNC, your staff can easily initiate recurring month, annual or one-time electronic payments through credit card, debit card or echeck to reduce operating costs and increase revenue.

A seamless interface with missionSYNC, means recurring payments are automatically updated in the activity history with no manual intervention.

Make it easy to increase perpetual membership and renewals. Your renewals increase because everything happens automatically. There’s no email or postal mail to send, and no repeat buying decisions.

Chasing down updated member credit card information can be a time-consuming task. Payment information changes over time, and paymentSYNC automatically searches for updated credit card expiration dates so you can continue billing your members on recurring payment plans. 

With paymentSYNC, your staff can spend time building relationships with members and donors rather than collecting money.

Precessing Refunds is a Snap

A member needs a refund and you don’t have the card in hand? No problem! paymentSYNC uses tokenization and lets you make a full or partial refund for dues, products, events and merchandise. 

And, our security features ensure that the amount refunded can’t exceed the amount of the initial charge.

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Implementation of paymentSYNC

Implementation of paymentSYNC takes from one week to six weeks, depending on your system.


Interested in building a perpetual membership program?

Learn how associations and nonprofits are using new payment models to build membership, donations and satisfaction.

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About our AutoDraft for iMIS Solution

Set Recurring Payments

AutoDraft helps you reduce operating costs, increase revenue and make life more convenient for your donors and members. Using our software, your staff can easily set up recurring monthly, annual or one-time electronic payments through credit card, debit card or bank draft.

Reduce Operating Costs

That means, when you contact your members or donors, you can use that time to build relationships, instead of collecting money.

Your renewals increase because everything happens automatically, so there’s no mailing to send, and no repeat “buying” decision.

How many hours does your staff spend collecting dues and donations? More significantly, how many of those attempts end up as non-renewals?

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Interested in learning more about paymentSYNC auto draft solutions for organizations?

AutoDraft works with iMIS to allow you to set up recurring payments, installment dues, and more. Don't have iMIS but you're still interested in a perpetual membership program? Let's talk about building it for your system.