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Organizational Data Audits

Can you rely on your business data to make strategic decisions? Do you question the accuracy of your reports? 

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What is an organizational data audit?

No doubt about it: data is essential to business success, but if you don’t have confidence in what your data says, you might be missing out on important opportunities to grow and engage your constituents.

A data audit will help you identify inaccuracies and put processes in place to prevent them. enSYNC can help you with this if you’re unsure of how to effectively evaluate the information in your system.

Here’s how we might approach a data audit at your organization. We’ll talk about where your data is stored. Is it simply in your AMS or are there data assets elsewhere you’re concerned about? We’ll look for duplicates, structure, how it’s organized, and if your automated systems — such as stored procedures and triggers are working properly.

A regular data audit will ensure you maintain integrity and will allow you to flag issues requiring attention.

Strategic assessments

Strategic Assessments help you re-set your baseline before embarking on new technology. We're even endorsed by TSAE for our strategic assessment services.

Transitional CIO

Are you understaffed? Overextended? Between IT resources? We can serve as a transitional CIO or backstop your staff when you're short on information technology help.

Consulting for organizations

Every customer is different, so every consulting engagement is unique. In some instances, we reengineer business processes or update reporting analytics to give association leaders more actionable insight. We want to help your organization become the best version of itself.

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