Benefits of Hiring a Medical Association Management Expert

October 18, 2022


Management professionals at medical specialty associations and societies know that hiring industry experts and implementing technology saves time, reduces expenses, and improves the membership experience.

Modernizing your organization can also help you refine your business model to diversify services, expand your audience, and increase association membership numbers. 

Hiring an external medical association management consultant and upgrading your Association Management Software (AMS) can help you achieve those goals. This guide outlines the benefits of working with an association management consultant and introduces new software features. You’ll also discover ways to get started on the path towards digital transformation.


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What is modern medical association management?

Modern medical association management comprises a mix of technological and consulting services to help associations enhance their services, attract new members, and improve productivity and efficiency. 

Two main factors that help associations upgrade their operations include:

External Association Management Services

The healthcare industry is rapidly changing. An external association management consultant can help you refine existing procedures and plan for the future with robust financial and technological expertise. 

Medical association memberships are declining across the United States. External management consultants help you reverse that trend with strategic planning that ensures your organization stays relevant on the new technological landscape. 

Technological Innovation

Technology is constantly evolving to help us do more in less time - and with fewer resources. 

Healthcare association software is essential to adapting to the changing technological environment. A modern AMS is integral to your association management strategy with enhanced database management, automated workflows, and advanced data analytics.

Benefits of Hiring an External Association Management Consultant

Active specialty societies in the medical industry are increasingly choosing to work with an external association management company to refine their operations. Engaging the services of an external consultant brings numerous benefits that enable you to:

1. Reduce Costs and Increase Productivity

Quality management services provided by an external consultancy enable you to identify weak points in your workflows to improve productivity and reduce expenses.

Qualified consultants can show you how to streamline workflows and save time on administrative and marketing tasks. By optimizing operations, you can allocate association resources to focusing on improving the membership experience.

2. Leverage Technological Expertise

Technology is constantly changing. The rapid pace of change can leave many association directors or supervisors behind on new software innovations that improve how onsite and remote teams work both on and offline.

Modern healthcare association management software can free you from the complexity of delegating tasks and coordinating your team. Workflows are made easier through automation, and cloud-based features improve collaboration.

Integrated healthcare association software also streamlines processes to reduce redundant tasks. In addition, member-focused features enable your team to share data, speed up requests, and improve the overall membership experience.

3. Improve Member Services

Healthcare association professionals are always looking for ways to boost memberships and increase revenues. Medical association management consultants help them reach those goals by showing them how to upgrade their membership model

Redefining your association’s business model is critical. By upgrading how your organization operates, you can increase your organization’s profile, expand your audience, and grow membership numbers.

Is your organization a good fit for external services?

Many medical associations and societies are losing members, resulting in falling revenues and decreasing relevance. 

If your organization wants to boost its profile and attract young healthcare professionals, then engaging the services of an external consultant is probably a good idea.

Working with a medical association management company provides distinct benefits to both your association and its members. By implementing effective online marketing strategies, your association can reinvent itself, attract a new audience, and generate a solid ROI from the investment.

Benefits of a Modern Association Management System

Most associations have some sort of system in place to manage their members, process payments, and send communications.

A Modern AMS system does that, and more. Cloud-based software and strategy solutions over the last decade have completely redefined how teams work onsite and remotely. 

Thinking about replacing your legacy AMS with a modern system that integrates with other software, enhances collaboration, and improves productivity? 

The latest medical association software helps make that possible by integrating with additional applications that enable you to provide:

Continuing Medical Education (CME)

Health professionals depend on continuing professional development to improve services and provide better patient outcomes. Management software helps you offer critical medical education by integrating with a Learning Management Systems (LMS). 

A modern LMS makes course creation more straightforward than ever before. With features tailored to associations, an LMS enables you to create interactive, engaging educational programs that provide a competitive advantage over other providers. 

Simplified Dues Collection

Membership software integrated with your accounting systems simplifies dues collection by sharing data, streamlining communications with members, and providing multiple options for payment. 

In addition, integrated software can be customized to allow members to make personalized donations and split payments into multiple installments. Data is automatically shared with finance, marketing, and membership management teams, reducing errors and minimizing data entry.

Higher Engagement Through Civic Action and Advocacy

Give your members the ability to influence issues that matter most to the medical industry. A modern association management system integrates with healthcare policy and advocacy software to help members impact legislation critical to their careers and the communities they serve.

Easier Conference and Event Planning

One of the benefits of medical association membership is the opportunity to attend events and network with other professionals. 

Events set associations apart, and are a critical aspect of membership services. At the same time, organizing events with legacy software can be challenging. Registration management, payment processing, guest registration, and other event requirements can be difficult to organize across multiple departments and software systems.

Dedicated association management software features the appropriate tools needed to reduce redundant tasks and streamline the process. With the ability to share information between departments, data entry and human error is minimized. Automated processes take care of the details, so you can focus on holding memorable events members will look forward to attending year after year.

Critical Data Analytics

Cloud-based integrated association management software leverages the power of data to help managers derive critical business insights. 

Data management and analysis enable you to refine internal processes such as expense monitoring and revenue forecasting. In addition, data analytics helps you improve the member experience by gauging the success of your marketing campaigns, educational programs, and membership engagement. 

The power of data touches every part of your organization and increases your competitive advantage. The digital transformation of healthcare is underway, and data analytics should become an integral part of your modernization strategy.

Start Your Digital Transformation on a Solid Foundation

Expert medical association management consulting will give you the tools to improve internal operations, boost memberships, and drive revenue. In addition, modern medical association software integrated with new or existing systems speeds your transformation process by increasing efficiency and productivity.

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  • How to transition to online member engagement
  • How to create a new business model
  • Why e-Learning is the future of continuing education
  • How technology makes holding events easier than ever before

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