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Clover (formerly CardConnect) Payment Processing Explained

June 13, 2019

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enSYNC talks Clover (formerly CardConnect) payment processing a lot because so many of our clients have grown to love the security and flexibility it offers. But with so many features, it often becomes confusing. Here's the lowdown for Clover (formerly CardConnect) payment processing services.

What is Clover (formerly CardConnect)?

Clover (formerly CardConnect) is a payment processing company like Payflo Pro or Payment processing works like this: when a member hits SUBMIT in their cart, the payment travels through the gateway to a merchant processing service. Both of those – the gateway and the merchant processor – are Clover (formerly CardConnect) services. Clover (formerly CardConnect) notifies the member’s card-issuing bank that a transaction is pending and the member’s bank accepts or rejects the transaction. That action is transmitted back through the gateway to your organization.

To help facilitate that commerce activity on your side, enSYNC has developed a suite of products for iMIS users.


This is a module that works in desktop iMIS and on the staff site, allowing you to make refunds when the card is not present. Working with the gateway, the RefundXpress module uses the gateway’s encrypted transaction token to reference the purchase and make the refund back to the member’s credit card. You do not need the member’s card number. This is fully PCI-compliant, plus measures are in place to ensure that the amount refunded is never more than the amount transacted and you are able to make full or partial refunds for:

  • Dues
  • Events
  • Products

Clover (formerly CardConnect) Express Checkout

An iPart that resides on the member’s cart page, which they’ll see during check out. This allows the member to pay directly through Clover's (formerly CardConnect's) secure servers. When a member makes a purchase and goes to the iMIS cart, they would see an option to go direct to theClover (formerly CardConnect) payment page. (This is similar to paying through PayPal, an option most of us have seen in an online cart.) This would be ideal for situations such as:

  • Smaller organizations who can’t justify building an ecommerce system.
  • Those who have only a few products and don’t want the hassle of building out complex commerce methods.
  • Organizations who hate wrangling with PCI audits.
  • Associations whose members are doubly concerned with security and want assurance of the highest levels of compliance.

eCheck iPart

This is also an iPart. Add this iPart if you want to take payments via check online. Residing directly on your RiSE cart page, the iPart allows ease of use for individuals or companies who like to pay by ACH (electronic check) by inputting their banking information. This product works with Clover (formerly CardConnect) only.


Are you interested in taking payments on the go? When your organization is out a gala or conference, you can accept secure payments for donations or any purchase. Using your smartphone or tablet paired with a card reader provides a convenient and secure checkout experience for your members and donors.

These product extensions available for iMIS and Clover (formerly CardConnect) are really icing on the cake because the real value of Clover (formerly CardConnect) is the lower credit card fees we see many of our clients realize. And for our friends in accounting, reconciliation has been noted to be remarkably easier.

Interested in getting a complimentary analysis to see if Clover (formerly CardConnect) and any of these products would be right for your organization?

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