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How Clover (Formerly CardConnect) Simplifies Payment Processing

April 4, 2023

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Clover (formerly CardConnect) is a payment processing system that has it all: credit/debit card processing, point-of-sale (POS) software, POS hardware, and a virtual terminal.

Nonprofits, associations, and small businesses choose Clover because it’s easy to use, flexible, and offers first-in-class security. Read on to learn about Clover’s payment processing services and how iMIS integrations can help your organization simplify payments and improve the customer experience. 

What is Clover (formerly CardConnect)?

Clover (formerly CardConnect) is a payment processing solution that includes everything you need to process transactions (including offline payments), track purchases, manage orders, and produce sales reports. Clover devices accept numerous payment methods, including credit cards, debit cards, gift cards, and contactless options. 

Clover systems include POS hardware and software, companion applications, and a virtual terminal. In addition, organizations can customize their solution from a range of devices, including the Clover Mini, Flex, and Station

How Payment Processing Works

Payment processing works like this: when a member hits SUBMIT in their cart for the total amount, the payment travels through Clover’s gateway to their merchant processing service. The company then notifies the member’s card-issuing bank that a transaction is pending, and the member’s bank either accepts or rejects the transaction. Once that action is completed, it is transmitted back through the gateway to your organization.

Benefits of Clover for Nonprofits and Associations

Clover makes checking out customers and receiving payments easy. Other benefits for nonprofits and associations include:

Easy Set-Up and Configuration

Taking payments with Clover can be as easy as using a smartphone, Clover Go card reader, and internet connection. The application is easy-to-use and intuitive, making Clover a solution anyone can learn to use quickly.

Wide Selection of Applications to Run Your Business

Clover offers more than just payment processing. The system integrates with over 100 applications to help you manage your business, including inventory control, employee management, and bill payments. 

First-In-Class Security

Clover is a brand name customers can trust, with built-in encryption that keeps credit-card data secure. Further, all Clover devices are PCI-compliant and run on software that includes antivirus and malware detection. 

Data-Driven Insights That Power Your Marketing

Corporations that focus on profits understand that data fuels successful marketing strategies. Accordingly, nonprofits and associations must leverage data-driven insights to stay competitive.

Clover gives you the reporting tools to identify sales trends and emerging consumer preferences. When applied to donor and membership strategies, data is one of the most powerful tools associations and nonprofits can use to improve services, strengthen fundraising efforts, and drive profitability. 

How Clover Integrates with iMIS

To help facilitate payment processing, enSYNC has developed a suite of products for iMIS users that include:


The RefundXpress module allows you to process refunds without requiring credit card information by using the gateway’s encrypted transaction token to reference the purchase. 

To facilitate refunds for nonprofits and associations, RefundXpress enables full or partial refunds for products and services that include:

  • Membership Dues
  • Events
  • Courses
  • Merchandise
RefundExpress enables you to process these refunds without requiring the member’s card number. Besides being fully PCI-compliant, additional measures are implemented to ensure that the amount refunded is never more than the amount transacted.

Clover Express Checkout

Clover Express Checkout is a lightweight software application that allows members to pay using Clover's payment page. It’s similar to the Paypal option many users see when making a purchase. 

Clover Express Checkout is ideal for:

  • Smaller businesses that can’t justify building an ecommerce system
  • Businesses that only have a few products and don’t want the hassle of building out a complex ecommerce store
  • Organizations that prefer avoiding the hassle of a PCI audit
  • Associations that want to leverage the Clover brand when offering secure, compliant transactions to members

eCheck Functionality

Exclusive to Clover, the eCheck function is an additional application that enables businesses to take online payments via check. Residing directly on your RiSE cart page, the application allows customers paying by ACH (electronic check) to input their banking information. 

Clover improves the customer experience while reducing fees. 

enSYNC’s RefundXpress, Clover Express Checkout, and eCheck Functionality apps for iMIS improve the customer payment experience, track transactions, save time, and ensure compliance. However, the real value of Clover for many nonprofits and associations is the fee structure that helps them save significant expenses in the long run.

Interested in learning more about the benefits of Clover? Contact us for a free assessment to discover the best system for your organization.

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