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Demystifying Online Payment Processing

February 13, 2017


If you are like me, so many of the processes, features, and functionality of the internet seem much like wizardry. I don’t know how they happen, but I know that, most of the time, they do indeed happen.

The world of payment processing is like that for me, and as I’ve talked to others this month, I’ve learned I’m not the only one who is mystified by gateway processors, merchant accounts, PCI compliance, authorizations and declines of credit cards.

Solutions for the world of payment processing

Thus we’ve developed two things to help our friends in the land of iMIS.

One is the infographic below. It explains how the funds move through the system and how information gets transmitted back into your AMS.

The other is a special hour-long webinar we have planned on “Demystifying Online Payment Processing.” It will really bring to life this infographic and will answer all of your questions about how money moves through the system. Brian Lewis of CardConnect (formerly BluePay), a payment processing provider, will lead the educational portion of our webinar and will show us that wizardry only exists at Hogswarts and that online payment processing actually makes a lot of sense and is quite straightforward.

The second half of our webinar features Mark Jones, CAE, of enSYNC, who will show us a new tool that allows you to easily process refunds in iMIS, back through the gateway when you don’t have the credit card number. He’ll show you how this gets set up and how you can install it at your organization. No wand required.

We hope this double dose of  payment processing prep will dispel any angst you feel when someone asks you how this all works.

Would you like to sign up? Just write to to make your reservation.