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Dipping Your Toe into Artificial Intelligence

August 28, 2018

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Technology is hard to keep up with. The pace of development is fast, and keeping our brain cells fed with new information is a full-time job.

Emerging technological trends and ASAE’s 41 Drivers of Change Report

ASAE’s report, the 41 Drivers of Change, helps us by outlining a number of trends we need to be aware of, several of them along the lines of technology. Included among those are blockchain platforms, anticipatory intelligence, machine learning, dark data, artificial intelligence, and more.

As responsible association staff members we know we should be advancing our organizations in ways that allow us to use data to provide better services and information back to our members, but constructing the systems that enable us to exploit what data we have are often too far ahead of us.

Using AI for automated content creation and email personalization

We’ve recently learned of one way to enter the world of artificial intelligence and automated content curation so that members are seeing more and more of the kinds of information they want and need from their professional society, while saving staff time in the development of content. We think this is a great way of dipping your toe into AI data management and automation without veering too far from our central missions.

The service of which we speak is an automated email that learns member preferences, studies their open and click through behavior, and provides your organization with member-preference data. Most associations have a newsletter created with their own and with external content. This newsletter platform can take it a step further, by allowing you to customize each newsletter and learn from the data and information. This has the benefit of:

  • creating individual custom-content newsletters for each member, personalizing their interaction with your association
  • boosting your open and click-through rates, because members are getting the information that is most important to them
  • supplying your organization with intelligence on member preferences that can be used for program design automated, AI-powered email newsletter is the company that creates such a newsletter. Using an AI engine, they help associations send industry-relevant news to each individual member. No two emails are the same, because the algorithm gathers information and hand-picks relevant news content for each person. customer success stories, a breeding ground for innovation and change in the association world has begun using the newsbrief. As a result, they have seen

  • personalized content for each of their community members
  • open rates of 32% and click rates of 10% (far above industry averages)
  • time saved on mail creation, as the AI engine picks up relevant content and automatically pushes it into the newsbrief

AcademyHealth (a health care research association) started such a project and has seen engagement rise as a result. Membership Director Angelica Rodriguez says that this is “an automated way to ensure our messages to members and our important articles are getting absorbed.”

Garth Jordan of the Healthcare Financial Management Association says this technology allows them to have their finger on the pulse of their community in real time. “Never before have we gained such detailed and timely insight; that knowledge is invaluable.”

AI that can be easily implemented today

Many technology trends are still futuristic and unreachable to a lot of organizations, but AI technology and automated content creation is within reach of most associations. Here is a trend that can directly replace or supplement something most of us are doing anyway – providing relevant information to members. We suggest you take a look!

Does your tech support your mission?

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