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enSYNC Corporation Acquires iMIS Division of Avant-Garde Consulting Services

July 5, 2022


Acquisition to offer current Avant-Garde iMIS clients increased support capacity, additional consulting services and access to association operation support services.


Ft. Worth, TX — enSYNC Corporation, a provider of professional technology consulting services for nonprofits and associations, has acquired the iMIS practice of Avant-Garde Consulting Services (A-GCS). This marks an increase in enSYNC’s reputation and scope as an Authorized Solution Provider for iMIS, offering additional iMIS support capacity to enSYNC and Avant-Garde clients.

“We are honored that Katie chose us as her hand-picked successor in her iMIS consulting practice,” Janet Davidson, Vice-President of enSYNC said. “It speaks volumes of our team and our culture that she wants her team members and client base joining the enSYNC family.”

The two organizations have worked together for the last fifteen years to support the iMIS community, and have developed a rapport for thought leadership, collaboration, and excellent support as a result of this partnership. The acquisition of Avant-Garde’s iMIS practice by enSYNC represents the next phase in this highly-successful relationship. 

“I’m excited that the Avant-Garde iMIS practice will join enSYNC’s network of professional, trade, and fundraising organizations around the country,” Avant-Garde President Katie Avant said. “I am confident that enSYNC will deliver the top-tier service we’ve strived to provide to our clients through the years.”

Throughout May 2022, Avant-Garde and enSYNC’s Dedicated Transition Team worked on a seamless transition that prioritized minimal disruption to clients and their operations. 

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Tanessa Busch

About enSYNC 

A full-service technology firm for the nonprofit and association world, enSYNC has been a resource for nonprofit organizations for over 25 years. iMIS integrations like financeSYNC have always been one of their core offerings even as their business has diversified and won them more than thirty awards for excellent service and support. 


About Avant-Garde Consulting Services

In business since 1978, Avant-Garde Consulting Services, Inc. specializes in improving member engagement and organizational performance. With offices in Texas and Louisiana, they work with a variety of associations, nonprofits, and for-profit organizations across the United States. Avant-Garde offers solutions that help clients achieve strategic performance goals.