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March 2019

enSYNC Announces Leadership Transition

Over the years, enSYNC has developed a strong connection
with many clients. Most of those relationships have grown beyond a typical
customer/vendor affiliation to develop into that of trusted partners and
friends. As a business executive that’s how I’ve wanted to run this business
and for the most part we’ve been successful in serving our clients well and
treating them as we wish to be treated.  

It is precisely because of the strong bonds that we have
with clients, with other companies, with fellow solution providers, and
individual association executives that we are able to take some exciting new

At enSYNC, we have worked hard to build our leadership team
and an independent, knowledgeable staff, so that our company is strong and
efficient in all that it does. Today the whole is stronger than any one part.
As co-founders and business owners of enSYNC, David Hickey and I have long
considered the longevity of our company and how it would continue on as a
thriving business long after us.

We are reaching that crossroads now, but because of careful
succession planning, the impact to enSYNC will be minimal and your relationship
with us will not change.

On a personal level, I will be transitioning into an
advisory role for the company. I remain fully committed to enSYNC as co-owner
and will contribute to the vision and direction of the company.

enSYNC remains a strong, viable, and growing company. I
remain committed to the values of nonprofit leadership. And I feel fortunate
that I have the backing and support of my enSYNC colleagues.

We are excited about these next steps and I am personally
enthusiastic about the new opportunities that lie ahead for me and my family. Thank
you for your support.

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