Unlock New Potential with Alumni Management Software

October 25, 2022


Alumni management software helps you eliminate tedious administrative work related to alumni management, collecting dues, donations, website publishing, event organization, and more. 

Traditional customer relationship management systems may be able to take care of some of these tasks, however dedicated alumni software takes it up a notch. Modern management software relieves employees of repetitive tasks, enabling them to focus on improving the member experience.

Dedicated alumni software replaces multiple third-party tools.

Does your alumni association use many different applications across various departments? Does your financial, member management, and continuing education software work together to provide a seamless experience that enhances collaboration?

Modern alumni management software can eliminate the need for multiple applications that create data silos throughout the organization. By integrating with other tools, software tailored to alumni organizations shares data to streamline tasks, improve productivity, and increase efficiency.

Alumni software helps your association do more.

Alumni software unlocks the power of data to connect departments throughout the organization, enabling employees to do more for alumni communities with fewer resources. 

A modern alumni software solution collects valuable data, streamlines tasks, and integrates seamlessly with other applications, allowing your organization to:

Build and organize your alumni database.

Building a comprehensive alumni contact database is critical to offering members in-demand services, creating precision marketing strategies, and hosting successful fundraising events. 

An updated information-rich alumni directory is also a valuable tool for members, enabling them to connect from any worldwide location to connect professionally and establish local social networks. Detailed alumni directories also help members find employees and business partners from a pool of qualified candidates that attended the same educational institution.

Drive event attendance.

Membership management software tailored to alumni associations provides critical marketing data organizers can use to create events that appeal most to members. 

Not all alumni are in the same location. Membership management systems enable you to segment your audience to create in-person and virtual events that include everyone. You’ll also be able to gauge event success with detailed analytics that reveal critical insights.

Boost alumni engagement

A key benefit of social networks is that they bring people together that share common interests. Your organization can tap into this need by creating an alumni portal with features that increase social engagement, expand professional opportunities, and nurture lifelong relationships.

Provide employment opportunities

A modern membership management software solution collects employment and education data, enabling associations to create job boards on their website. Concurrently, the same database can serve as a resource for employers looking to fill positions from the alumni network.

Increase fundraising success.

Alumni-relations and fundraising teams rely on data to create campaigns that tap into issues alumni care about the most. Alumni management software provides critical demographic data managers can use to segment audiences and craft personalized communications that drive fundraising success.

Choosing the right alumni management software.

Ready to start exploring your options? Here are some key features to look for when choosing an alumni management system:

Easy-to-use website builder

Look for a system that connects to your website, enabling you to easily publish news, articles, upcoming events, and more. Give employees unique tools to post to multiple alumni channels on social networks like LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook.

Email marketing system

Make sending messages to alumni easy with a system that provides useful communication tools on an intuitive interface. Ensure the system is able to gather contact details specific to alumni associations, enabling you to segment your audience effectively.

Seamless event online registration and payment

Choose a system that simplifies event registrations for members using pre-filled information. Give them multiple payment options using a trusted payment processor.

Easy dues and donation payment processing

Send automated messages when membership fees are due. Allow members to make donations in installments with a variety of online payment methods.

Data-driven reporting and information dashboards

Leverage the power of effective data management with personalized dashboards and easy one-click reports managers can customize for various stakeholders in the organization.


Learn more strategic alumni management and marketing insights

A membership management system tailored to alumni associations is critical to digital transformation. You’ll be able to do more with fewer resources while providing alumni and current students with critical services in a digital-first environment.

Digital transformation can be a complex process, but it’s easier than you may think. Our playbook for education associations shows you how with actionable strategies you can start implementing today.


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