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2022 Technology Trend Report for Nonprofits and Associations

Nonprofits and associations matter to the economy and social welfare of the United States. According to a National Center for Charitable Statistics report from 2019, nonprofits..

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Digital transformation for professional associations is necessary to be competitive.

Digital Transformation for Associations

Many associations are run in a traditional fashion because they have been working for a long time and haven’t seen a need to change, or because of a conservative board of trustees..

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How to Write an Association Strategic Plan

A business plan is a must for any enterprise, but the term “strategic plan” has been gaining a bad reputation with board and staff members of nonprofit organizations, for a number..

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Increase your Association’s Non-Dues Revenue with Online Learning

Funding is one of the main concerns of associations, and dues revenue streams - such as income from membership dues - is usually complemented by revenue from events, sponsorships,..

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How Associations Can Stay Relevant & In Touch

Business-as-usual isn’t going to help your association grow and prosper. Things just aren’t the same as they were even six months ago. The global pandemic just accelerated..

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The Comprehensive Guide to Strategic Planning for Nonprofits

What is Strategic Planning? Most organizations have a strategic plan, although some plans are definitely better than others. (And occasionally, organizations operate without one..

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7 Tips For Associations From The Best Nonprofit Consultants

When a nonprofit hires a consultant, they get a lot of advice to wade through. We work exclusively with nonprofits, and we have collected a lot of that advice. As we have talked..

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What Your Organization Needs To Know About Nonprofit Advocacy

Most nonprofits focus their energies on social change. From healthcare access for vulnerable populations to ending homelessness, their mission is clear and they’re targeted toward..

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7 Key Strategies for Effective Fundraising for Nonprofits

Fundraising is a huge part of running a nonprofit. Limitations on your programming goals can be incredibly frustrating, and those become more common when money is tight. The more..

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