Event Management

There are so many moving parts when you plan an event. You’ve got to manage the exhibit hall, ensure that there are the proper amount of staff members to effectively work the event, and you’ve got to get everyone planning to attend the event registered. 

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Streamlining the Event Experience For Your Attendees

Imagine the positive impression you’ll make on guests when your event is run smoothly and efficiently. Your organization will look polished and professional, creating a completely seamless experience.

Mobile Apps For Your Next Event

Everyone’s busy. Mobile apps are a convenient way for your guests to stay informed about your event as well as an easy way to keep people connected.


Easy Registrations

When you make it convenient for participants to register via mobile app or website, you’re more likely to achieve your attendance goals. enSYNC’s software helps you keep it simple.


On Site System

Everyone’s busy. Mobile apps are a convenient way for your guests to stay informed about your event as well as an easy way to keep people connected.


Streamlining Event Management

Anyone managing an event wears many different hats— how do you keep it all straight? Event management software ensures that no detail is neglected.

Speaker & Abstract Management

enSYNC will help you sort out your speakers and abstracts, handling all the details to ensure that everything is in place on the day of the event.


Contract & Sponsorship Deliverable Management

If you’re incorporating sponsorship into your event, enSYNC will help you keep track of all the moving parts!


Badge Management

Make sure that each attendee gets the proper badge with enSYNC’s event management software.


Attendance & CE Credit Tracking

If your event offers CE credits or other rewards for attendance, it’s vital that attendance is carefully tracked.


Attendee Polling & Session Handouts

Empower session speakers with the ability to poll their audience live for instant feedback and increased audience participation and improve your organization’s carbon footprint and convenience by including session slides/handouts your event app.


Personalized Agenda

Attendees can select and organize which sessions they would like to attend with a tap of their finger creating a personalized event experience for each attendee.


Why enSYNC?

If you’re concerned about the challenges that face you as you plan your next event, consider working with a partner that has the experience and knowhow you need to pull off a successful event.
enSYNC understands the complexities of event planning, from providing you the information you need to prove the ROI to consolidating vendors to save your organization money.  Our tools can help you juggle even the most complicated event.
We provide you with the tools you need to create a user-friendly registration, in-depth data collection, on-site management, and more.


What is iMIS?

Looking to learn more about tech solutions for event management?

Today, event management requires tech solutions that make it easier for staff and attendees alike to get the most from the event. enSYNC’s software solutions provide the support you need to produce a successful event. If you’re interested in learning more, just fill out the form below.