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The word “fundraising” can strike fear into the hearts of even the most experienced pros, especially when you don’t feel that your organization’s software is giving you the support you need. enSYNC can give you the support you need to achieve your fundraising goals!

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Fundraising solutions that just make sense.

If you struggle with fundraising, it’s possible that you just haven’t found the right tools for the job. Increase your efficiency and streamline your processes as you encourage and inspire people to contribute to your cause.



Make fundraising simple with cloud-based tools that give you the information you need anywhere, anytime.

mobile app

Mobile friendly.

Today, people are busier than ever. If you want your fundraising campaign to be a success, you’ve got to make it mobile-friendly. enSYNC’s tools are just that!



It’s hard to develop a strategy without accurate, up-to-the-minute data. enSYNC offers reporting and analytics to give you the information you need to craft a successful fundraising campaign and to check your campaign’s effectiveness.

payment processing

Private & secure.

Donors need to know that their sensitive information is protected. enSYNC’s software gives you the option to set permissions,  which offers donors the privacy and security they require.


Pipeline management.

Manage your pipeline with ease, whether you choose the out-of-the-box solution or customize it to suit your specific needs!


Easy Integrations.

Get more out of the software when you connect it seamlessly to your favorite tools.

Why enSYNC?

If the thought of creating a fundraising strategy is daunting, why wouldn’t you consult the experts? enSYNC’s top-notch reporting and analytics  will help you get the solid metrics you need to craft a plan that will help you hit your goals!

Our state-of-the-art software will keep you on the cutting edge, but it will also integrate with other programs and systems to ensure that you can manage donor relationships with ease and efficiency! When you have instant access to the information you need when you need it, your campaign efforts will thrive.

Additionally, risk mitigation is a must. You don’t want your members’ sensitive information to fall into the wrong hands.  enSYNC has the knowhow to keep you and your donors safe.

Looking to learn more about tech solutions for fundraising?

Today, your donors are very tech-savvy. With that in mind, you’ve got to have the tech solutions  they require if you hope to meet their needs. enSYNC is here to help! Fill out the form below to learn more today!