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Buying Guide: Association Management System for Legal Organizations

May 19, 2022


Association management systems specifically designed for bar associations bring multiple industry-specific benefits. Selecting a member management system or switching vendors is not an easy choice, and should be based on strategic plans that align with your goals. 

The best member management systems provide an all-in-one, user-friendly platform that gives small-staff associations the tools to do more with less. Besides lightening the workload for your team, your system should improve member experiences and upgrade the value of your services. Look for features that help you build community, facilitate online learning, and increase bar association engagement.


Focus on features that matter most to your legal association.

Choosing membership management software can be complex with so many business solutions available today. Before making a choice, take a step back to consider what matters most to you and your team. What tasks are most time-consuming? Is there a lot of data-entry work? What manual processes can be automated?

With that in mind, look for a membership management system that enables you to: 


Increase Engagement

Association management systems built for legal organizations feature tools that boost member engagement, increase staff productivity, and improve collaboration. Organize events, create communities, and provide industry-specific services that increase return visits, engage members, and grow your association. 


Build Communities

The legal industry is diverse. Match that diversity by creating a portal with communities targeting specific legal areas. Give members the content they want with sector-specific news, articles, and documentation that drives engagement and adds value to their practice.


Easily Update Your Website

Look for association management software that seamlessly integrates with your current website content management system, or CMS. If you don’t have a website (or want to upgrade), then choose a vendor that provides an extensive gallery of templates that match your branding and scale perfectly on any device. 

Modern association management systems should make web publishing easy.  Look for a provider that gives you time-saving tools to publish content that promotes sharing activity, sparks conversations, and drives visits to your site.


Manage CLE Programs

Continuing Legal Education (CLE) is mandatory in most jurisdictions. Choose software that makes managing continuing education for legal professionals easy while boosting association revenue. Look for a CLE platform that simplifies course management, approvals, and billing to save time, decrease costs, and improve the experience for community members.


Event Management

Choose freedom from time-consuming administration so you can focus on creating unique events that members look forward to attending. Modern membership software customized for bar associations gives you the tools to manage members easily, hold registrations, and offer multiple ways to pay. That way, you can focus on creating “must attend” events with legal industry leaders and influencers that draw large crowds, boost revenue, and increase memberships.


Provide 24/7 Secure Access

Give members the features they need on a cloud-based system that can be accessed anywhere there is an internet connection. Turn your website into a portal with various services that boost the value of your organization and increase bar association membership


Access Performance Metrics

Membership rates are declining, according to a survey conducted by the American Bar Association. Reverse that trend by creating a data-powered strategy that lets you know what works, what to change, and what to improve. Modern software provides critical Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) you can access on customized dashboards to enhance decision-making and formulate precision marketing strategies.


Never settle for a “one-size-fits-all” association management system.

Membership managers understand that legal organizations have specific requirements. Look for association management applications tailored specifically to legal organizations that provide essential features small teams need to maximize their impact:



24/7 Member Activity

Provide valuable services to association members with secure 24/7 access to your website. Ensure all association constituents have the data they need on any connected mobile device from any location.

Flexible Dues Payment

Provide individual and group billing through a designated admin. Integrate with financial management software to enable members to quickly pay for dues, events, and courses on an easy-to-use interface.

Easy Website Management

Create an online portal from various templates that look good on multiple devices and resolutions. Already have a website? Integrate your CMS with modern membership software to simplify content publication.

Lawyer Directories

Provide members with a valuable referral service. Create online practice directories that update and rotate in real time. Enable members to create and edit profiles customized to their specific practice.

Community Building

Create online community web portals for specialized legal areas. Publish specific news, documents, articles, and collaborations that engage and inform members.

Discipline Management

Provide public grievance information and attorney discipline  management. Manage submission processes, automate notifications, and post results online after the investigation concludes. 

Case Document Management

Upgrade the member experience with enhanced case document management. Publish consolidated discipline and case results in accordance with state regulations. Provide secured access to credentialed members.

Manage CLE Programs

Leverage continuing education solutions to easily manage course submissions, approvals, and billing. Import class data, manage course credits, assign CLEs, and track lawyer progress according to your association structure and rules.

Access Critical Metrics

Leverage and configure real-time KPIs for continuous performance improvement. Create customized dashboards and automate reports to track activities, refine processes, and achieve association goals.


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