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enSYNC, Clover (formerly CardConnect) Establish Partnership to Save Money for Nonprofits

November 29, 2016


enSYNC is proud to announce that we have partnered with Clover (formerly CardConnect) to deliver a secure, integrated payment processing experience directly within iMIS or any other AMS platform you use to manage your association or nonprofit.

This partnership will allow us to leverage each other’s assets to expand our product base and provide a safe and secure way for you to accept payments from your members for dues, donations, event fees, merchandise, and more!

The Clover (formerly CardConnect) partnership

Being an all-in-one payment solutions provider, Clover (formerly CardConnect) helps streamline the entire payment process so you can get back to doing what you do best – reaching your association goals and growing your member base. Through Clover's feature-rich payment gateway, you can accept credit and debit payments across all channels securely. Having all of your payments processed on one gateway consolidates vendors, reduces costs, and saves time by simplifying reconciliation.

Clover (formerly CardConnect) features

With fraudulent transaction activity on the rise, Clover (formerly CardConnect) doesn’t take security lightly. They are invested in the welfare of their customers, and employ highly advanced security methods like tokenization and encryption. Additionally, they have developed a robust suite of fraud management tools available on the gateway that allows clients to set parameters and filters to help detect and reduce fraud on their merchant account.

Clover's extensive industry experience allows them to work with you to determine the right services for your business at the absolute best rates.

Bridges to the iMIS platform from enSYNC 

enSYNC offers a direct bridge to the iMIS platform so that you can easily process payments and refunds through your system. Additionally, enSYNC is working with other AMS vendors to bring that same functionality to their systems.

To begin your free rate analysis, contact us at 817-349-7060 to learn more about how a bridge from Clover (formerly CardConnect) to your AMS will benefit your organization.