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enSYNC Corporation Grows Once More

May 17, 2019

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We wanted to bring you some exciting news – enSYNC is expanding once more. Pace Consulting out of Detroit will be consolidating with enSYNC effective May 13, 2019.

Pace Consulting joins enSYNC

Pace’s clients join with enSYNC’s growing cadre of associations and nonprofits. The acquisition of Pace allows us to bring in some additional talent through Milissa Straka, who has been working with iMIS products since 1996. She founded Pace in 2003, but feels the time is right to join with enSYNC and magnify the services that can be offered to her clients, as well as enSYNC’s.

In making the announcement, David Hickey, enSYNC CEO, said, “enSYNC’s team of highly qualified iMIS consultants will get an extra boost with Milissa’s talents, and we’ll be able to offer her legacy clients additional resources through enSYNC’s team of software engineers and CAE association experts.”

This is good news for you as a current client of enSYNC’s because the acquisition of Pace amplifies the human resources capabilities we can bring to your organization.

Milissa joins Chadd Arthur, Director of Client Success, who also came to the enSYNC team in January.

We’re growing and the addition of these experienced iMIS consultants brings more brain tenrust power to services of enSYNC!

Please call on us as you plan your projects for the coming month and year, so that we can get you scheduled and help you grow.