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Print and Post: A Guide to Social Media Image Sizes [Updated for 2021]

September 20, 2016

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Many of us use or Adobe Spark to create graphics and images for our social media accounts. Their easy-to-use interfaces have revolutionized the digital marketer's world (especially for communicators in associations who often wear two or three hats). 

But still, there are those times when I need to create graphics from scratch, using my own tools and software. And then, I'm scrambling around, and Googling while in the midst of creating, to figure out exactly what size is optimum for which social media platform.

Getting organized with social media sizes

So finally, I decided to catalog those pixels and dimensions and keep a chart for myself on what was what. We update this frequently, so these are all up-to-date with 2021 social image sizes. 

Print this out and keep it handy, or just save it on your desktop. There's even a spot for you to add your own photo sizes for your own blogs and websites.

Download the high-res version below! 

Association Guide to Social Media Sizes-pixelatedSave