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Hassle-Free Accounting is One Great Benefit of Clover (formerly CardConnect)

October 12, 2017


We can all think of minor inconveniences – hassle factors – that confront us daily. Looking for the best hotel price, locating a stamp and envelope to mail a letter, finding cash in our wallet when a store doesn’t accept credit cards.

Sheila Clevenger and Wanda Cochran show there is enough love to go around -- Clover (formerly CardConnect) and iMIS!

For association accounting staff, they might put this on their list: reconciling gateway/merchant processor reports.


Gateway/merchant processor hassles

For the American Concrete Pipe Association, one “hassle reduction strategy” was a decision they made in April of 2017 that involved changing from their current gateway provider and merchant processor to Clover (formerly CardConnect). It seemed there was an ever-mounting series of impediments in using their gateway/merchant processor.

Ginny Horrell, Controller of ACPA, called enSYNC to get their advice.

“Our previous gateway/merchant processor was requiring personal information, such as social security numbers and scanned copies of the social security card to allow us to make changes or utilize all the features of our account.”


That naturally created concern among staff members, and then add to that higher credit cards fees that ACPA wanted to reduce, and it was a beacon that it was time to take action.

enSYNC had recently begun a partnership with Clover to work with association staff who wanted to reduce fees, get some great refunding capabilities out of iMIS, and streamline their processes. That sounded good to Ginny. “Our previous processor’s refusal to provide the services we were paying for because of their requirement for us to provide personal information, coupled with a desire for cost savings and streamlined processes” were the deciding factors. “Because Clover was able to estimate cost savings for the future as well as time savings in the reconciliation process, our decision was very easy to make.”

Make reporting is easy.

“Reporting tools for Clover are OUTSTANDING!  The daily batches are easily reconciled to the daily batches in iMIS and the monthly reports/invoices are very easy to follow.”

Time savings is significant.

“We have seen a significant savings in the reconciliation time of 5-8 hours per month over our previous processor.”

Refunds are straightforward.

“Processing refunds and reconciliations are the two things that are much easier with Clover than what we experienced with our previous processor.  Refunds are seamless in the iMIS Staff Site and Clover reports provide for reconciliations to be performed in minutes instead of the hours the previous reports required.”

Implementation is a breeze.

“The switch to Clover took very little time to implement.  Everyone at enSYNC and Clover make the process easy to complete, and with two conference calls after your decision to switch is made, the conversion is complete.”

ACPA’s busiest months are still to come and that’s where Ginny thinks she’ll realize the cost savings.

But even without that, Ginny’s team at ACPA sees the hassle relief value of Clover to be the happiest of stories to come out of their switch.

“The level of support provided by Clover is leaps and bounds ahead of what we received with our previous gateway/merchant processor. Overall I would recommend Clover for anyone using iMIS.”