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Case Study: Society of Critical Care Medicine

October 24, 2019



The SCCM serves physicians and others involved in life-saving critical care medicine. Attracting an audience of physicians and caregivers throughout the world, SCCM's convention is one of the largest in the medical profession. Icheck-in at hotel kioskn 2016, SCCM, a long-time iMIS user, engaged enSYNC to deploy their KioskXpress program in order to expedite the check-in process at their annual meeting.

Just as it has at many conventions, the kiosk worked well at their convention center location, but SCCM took it a step further, giving the busy attendees at their conference the ultimate in convenience. The KioskXpress system was installed in the major hotels used at the conference, so that weary travelers could pick up their convention registration badge right in the hotel lobby. No need to trudge over to the conference center to get set up. The convenience of stepping out of taxi, checking in to the hotel, and then checking in to the conference was all under one roof. 

SCCM kioskThe show decorator provided some simple stands on which a computer, monitor, and scanner were placed. Pre-registered attendees merely stepped up to the kiosk unit, then swiped the bar code on their smart phone or paper confirmation letter or input their name. And just like that their badge printed and they were on their way -- a smooth and satisfying beginning to their convention experience.