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Buying Guide: Association Management System for Legal Organizations

Association management systems specifically designed for bar associations bring multiple industry-specific benefits. Selecting a member management system or switching vendors is..

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Tips to Manage Continuing Education for Legal Associations

Most jurisdictions in the United States mandate that legal professionals across all areas of law earn a minimum number of continuing legal education (CLE) courses. These include..

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Reduce Costs With Financial Software For Bar Associations

Is your accounting software helping your bar association move forward? Or does your legal software use outdated workflows that cost time and money?

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How to Increase Bar Association Membership (Quick Guide)

You know that memberships are vital to your legal or bar association. They give your organization credibility, improve the member experience, and drive revenue. The internet has..

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7 Benefits of Professional Membership Management Software

Professional membership management software is an investment that helps nonprofits, trade organizations, and member-based organizations do more in less time so they can focus on..

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The Ultimate Guide to Integrated Nonprofit Software

Nonprofit finance managers typically perform a balancing act that requires them to make hard financial decisions while ensuring the organization’s mission stays in focus...

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iMIS Software for Associations: Finding the Best iMIS Partner

Everybody's talking about iMIS, which bills itself as “the #1 cloud-based solution for nonprofit, association, union, and membership management”. You may already be considering..

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Step-by-Step Guide to Member Engagement

Member engagement is essential for the growth of any organization or nonprofit. Engaged members keep renewing, and they can increase membership via word of mouth; the better your..

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Ponder This Before You Dump Your AMS (Especially #2)

Name the biggest frustration you have as an association professional. Let’s all say it together on 3. 1 . . . 2 . . . 3 . . . technology.

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